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Month: July 2009

Part 3: How Feng Shui can help you sell your empty home for sale

Part 3: Inviting ch’i, the vital force that inhabits all spaces, is crucial to helping you sell an empty home for sale. Helping ch’i to move through and energize empty spaces will help the home to feel lived in and welcoming. There is a saying in Feng Shui: energy goes where the eye goes. If you can imagine an empty home, you’ll guess there’s little ch’i there –
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Part 2: Are You Really Ready to Sell Your Home?

Part 2: You have walked through the first part of your Feng Shui Analysis to help you sell your home and you’ve been left with a tough assignment: to emotionally say good-bye to your house. If you’ve taken this step, however, your job of de-personalizing the house and staging it for the next owners will be much easier.
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