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Month: February 2012

What’s the best Feng Shui artwork? Depends on you!

In a Feng Shui consultation clients will often be ready to move their furniture around to change out the energy of their spaces. They may be eager to paint, or change the layout of a room or even its purpose but sometimes they’re surprised when I ask them to tell me about their artwork. What's the best Feng Shui artwork? It depends on you. What’s on the walls is as important as what is in the room.
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Celebrate a Feng Shui Valentine’s Day all month long!

Who doesn’t need a little boost in the Love Department?  Practically all of us do and with Feng Shui, it’s easy.  Whether you’re looking for love, nurturing new love, or
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A Feng Shui valentine – a unique gift to give and receive!

Enhance your romance with a Thriving Spaces Feng Shui Valentine: a 2-hour Feng Shui consultation with a focus on the love quadrants of your spaces, and a Feng Shui gift in celebration of your special valentine.
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