Host a private Zoom vision board workshop!

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

A private vision board workshop is a unique gift to give.

Host a private vision board workshop for your group – employees, clients, book group, volunteers, board members, friends, family, or any group you think would benefit. All vision board workshops will be via a live Zoom call — with you and I co-hosting the event.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.
Create, envision and predict the year ahead!

Have you considered a private vision board workshop in your home, community center or conference room?  This can be a great bonding, fun, craft-y, connecting, and appreciation activity for your group. I have worked with Realtors and retailers to share this workshop as a thank you to their clients.  I have led this workshop as a holiday party activity for groups of friends, for networking groups and board members.  It’s fun and meaningful, a great way for people to connect with themselves and others, whether everyone knows each other or not.  This workshop is easy to do via Zoom; everyone is at home in their comfort zone with their materials and you and I co-host the event, connecting with them via the chat feature.

You can brand the workshop with your logo and style.

As a co-host, you get to welcome your guests into your home (or wherever you Zoom from!)  As host/hostess you can brand the workshop with your own logo and style. It’s all customizable!

The price is $35/guest. I present the private workshops for groups of 10 or more. If you are hosting and want each guest to pay their own registration fee, I set up a custom online registration and payment link for your event.  If you are gifting this workshop to your guests, we will work out a payment option for you to cover all the registrations.

This workshop can be hosted any day of the week or a weekday evening.  I schedule three hours so there is plenty of time for networking while unmuted or through the chat. You can choose the time you’d like for your workshop and if you want to include extra time for other activities before or after; it’s up to you!

I lead the workshop and make sure everyone knows how to proceed. While I can’t spend individual time with all your guests, we can communicate via the chat and I’m happy to offer some time after the workshop for individual contact.   Everyone completes the workshop and has their own, unique vision board.

I’d be honored to help you plan your group’s vision board workshop.  Contact me if you have any additional questions.

Here’s to envisioning and manifesting a fabulous year ahead!