Create a Vision (Board) for 2022!

Everything is a miracle.

 Create a Vision (Board) for 2022!

I hope you are healthy and well, coping and emerging into our new normal. This past year wasn’t what we envisioned for 2021, but many of you are thriving. I know because you’ve told me and I’ve seen it. I hope you’ve had some “aha” moments and even experienced what one of last year’s vision board workshop attendees told me: “Everything on my vision board happened!” That’s why we do vision boards; because they work! (Also because they are lots of fun to do!) We’ll be on Zoom again in 2022 to be safe and wise. If you’ve never done a vision board before try it, and join us miracle workers and believers!

Two workshops to choose from live with Zoom:

I hope you’ll join me by taking your vision board workshop via Zoom this year from home on either of these scheduled dates for a live Zoom workshop:

Everything is a miracle.
Two ways to live! You get to choose.

Sunday, January 9, 2022          10 AM – 12:30 PM  (register here)

Saturday, January 15, 2022    1 PM – 3:30 PM  (register here)

You can:

  • Register for your 2022 Vision Board workshop above and I’ll send your pre-workshop instructions. Registration is $35.
  • Host your own sponsored vision board workshop, live on Zoom, for employees, clients, friends and/or family. Contact me for more information or read more here.

What’s a vision board?

A Vision Board is a collection of images that represents the hopes, goals, and dreams you have for your future, often created around the New Year. The images are mounted on a poster board and hung in a place that you can see every day. Vision Boards are proactive, intentional, and fun. And, best of all, they work!

Changes for the 2022 Vision Board workshops:

This year’s vision board workshops will all be happening remotely, on Zoom, with a live chat option so we can talk to each other and you can ask questions.

You will need to gather your materials – an actual poster or foam board (if you choose to create a physical board), some double-sided tape, scissors and magazines or other print material to cut, shape, and affix. (The Dollar Store is a great place for your materials if you choose to shop, or you can easily get everything online.)

If you choose to create your board on your computer using digital photos, you may wish to watch the live Zoom workshop on your phone or tablet so you can use your computer to create it.

I will be leading you through the process with an explanation of our feng shui principles, which help us acknowledge all parts of our vision for the future, and with plenty of time in between segments for you to work on your board and ask questions.  There will be time at the end for anyone wanting to share their thoughts about the process or their board!  (Sharing your board is always a powerful announcement to the universe about what you want!)

Host your own private vision board workshop

It’s easy to host a private or sponsored Zoom Vision Board workshop for your employees, clients, friends, book group, work colleagues or fellow board members.  Contact me if you have questions.  This makes a very unique gift and you have an opportunity to connect with your tribe! I like to have a minimum of 10 participants.