My perfect feng shui client and I shaking hands.

I love my clients! They are a perfect fit for me, and I for them. It is such a pleasure and a privilege to work with them and I am grateful for them everyday. Just who, you may be wondering, are they? And, what makes them so perfect? 

I believe we attract the people we want in our lives by being very clear about who they are and what we have in common. If we want to intentionally draw to us what we need and want, we have to be able to articulate what that is. I have been drawing my perfect customers into my life and business in the past few years. It’s not magic, even though it sometimes feels like it, but it does take intention and practice.

I learned how to do this with help from the book Attracting Perfect Customers, by Jan Hall and Stacey Brogniez. It’s a good and interesting read, but an even greater handbook on how to actually attract your perfect customer or client. The caveat? You have to do the work in the tasks outlined at the end of each chapter. If that sounds like “homework,” you’re right. In fact, I read this book through a couple of times thinking how brilliant it was but I didn’t do the exercises. Those perfect clients did not show up. No surprise. But then I did my “homework,” which BTW is really fun to do, and the clients started emailing and calling me.

I’m not going to tell you everything in the book (that’s for you to find out!) but I will share with you one of the assignments, that has become part of my morning ritual of intentionally “calling” my perfect clients into my life everyday. This exercise asks you to write out all the things that you have in common with your perfect clients. Because I don’t know you – yet – I have to describe you! And, because we humans like to work with people who share common beliefs and values a lot of those descriptors are about the values we share. This is the shorthand to find people who are comfortable with each other, and speak the same language. I am not talking about surface things – where you went to school, where you grew up, what you drive. That doesn’t matter at all in this relationship. I’m speaking about motivation and inspiration. Please understand that there is no judgment involved in creating your list. We are all unique souls looking for connections – one common value is no better than another.

Here is what my perfect clients and me share:

We know and believe that change is possible through learning something new and applying it to your life. We create our lives through our visions, thoughts and actions.

Are you my perfect client? Here’s how I would describe you:

Greet the rising sun with a positive attitude.
Greet the rising sun with a positive attitude.

Why do you get up in the morning? Because

  • you have a passion and purpose for your life
  • you are a seeker
  • you believe that your thoughts and actions make a difference
  • you are grateful for another day

Who is the most important person/s in your world?

  • family
  • friends
  • your own client or customer base

What is most important to you?

  • kindness in your family, your work and in the world
  • creating value with your life – either raising your families and/or through your work
  • seeking a higher path – harmony and balance over strife and “being right”
  • creating your own happiness and “luck”
  • achieving your goals with integrity

What do you want to achieve before you leave this world?

  • raising good people (if you have children)
  • being responsible for your thoughts and actions
  • teaching others by example
  • providing valuable service through your work and receiving abundant compensation for it
  • kindness to others and yourself

What do you really love about your life?

Our precious world!
  • having an opportunity to be here, now and make a difference
  • your family
  • our beautiful planet
  • giving and receiving positivity and hope
  • creating peace and prosperity for anyone who seeks it

Do you see yourself in this list? If so, please call, email or FB message me and introduce yourself! I want to know you. And, if the time is right for you, it would be my privilege to share feng shui with you and help you experience whatever shifts in your life that new, positive energy could bring. In the meantime, join my mailing list here so that you are aware of classes (live and online) or speaking engagements and other treats that I have coming up.

Let’s connect and find out if we are a fit.

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    • Tina — thanks so much for requesting to be on my list; you’re on! I don’t have any events coming up right now, but I will have an online workshop on creating Vision Boards using Feng Shui that will go live in June. You’ll receive an email about it! Happy Spring. I hope to meet you in the future at an event or have you join my family of clients! Lorrie

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