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Learn more about Feng Shui at these upcoming events

feng shui events

I will be speaking about different aspects of feng shui at these upcoming events this fall. Some are free workshops and one has a small fee. See below. Hope to see you at one of these events!

10/13/18      Feng Shui for Health & Wellness: a hands-on workshop with tools you can use.

In this introduction to Feng Shui for creating greater health & wellness, you will learn how the energy of spaces and things impacts our everyday lives. You will be introduced to some tools of the practitioner – the Bagua and the Five Elements – and how to use them to make changes in your environment for health & wellness. You’ll even have a chance to test your new knowledge. And, you’ll be introduced to some excellent Feng Shui teachers through their books – usually available through your library!    

Parker Public Library,  20105 Mainstreet, Parker, CO 80138,  Event Hall A

2 – 4 PM


Sign up: 303-791-7323 or go to


10/17/18      Feng Shui for the Holidays

In this :30 minute introduction to feng shui, you’ll learn specific tips to you manage your holiday stress with the help of feng shui!

Sponsored by Women, Wine & Wellness – Lowry and Amanda Holliday, Ways to Optimize. Women, Wine & Wellness is a women’s networking group where wellness-minded women mingle, enjoy a glass of wine and snacks and learn about a topic to enhance their wellness (physical, emotional, spiritual, financial).

6:30 – 8:30 PM

Community Banks of Colorado – Conference Room

7900 E. 1st Ave., Denver, CO 80230

$15 with pre-registration OR cash or check at the door

RSVP to Amanda Halliday for your invitation at


11/30/18      Feng Shui 101: an introduction to this ancient design system  – CANCELLED DUE TO LIBRARY CONSTRUCTION PROJECT (updated 10/23/18)

In this introduction to Feng Shui, you will learn how the energy of spaces and things impacts our everyday lives. You will be introduced to some tools of the practitioner – the Bagua and the Five Elements – and how to use them to make changes in your environment for health & wellness. You’ll even have a chance to test your new knowledge. And, you’ll be introduced to some excellent Feng Shui teachers through their books – usually available through your library!    

Eugene Field Library, 810 S University Blvd, Denver, CO 80209

(720) 865-0240

2 – 3 PM



Testimonial – Business Client

Things are moving!

This morning I got a call from a client I worked with for 2 years and have been wondering why I haven’t heard from her as we were doing great work together and she was definitely not finished meeting her goals. She wants to come in regularly again and is eager to get started again. I see her tomorrow. Woohoo! And I got a new contract for team building work that I just love to do yesterday! Things are moving.

Jamie B.
Business Coach & Consultant

Testimonial – Long Distance Client

Awesome Feng Shui Consultant! 

Lorrie meet Mary.

Mary, Lorrie Grillo is the awesome feng shui consultant I told you about.

Lorrie, I was bragging about you and all the wonderful improvements you made to my office to Mary and she expressed an interest in having you feng shui (is feng shui a verb? 😉 her office as well.

I’ll let you two take it from here!


Long distance client via Skype

(Note from me:  I did do a long distance feng shui consultation with Mary — who lives and works in Panama! Thank you, Shari — and Mary!)

Testimonial – Workshop Attendees

You transformed our lives!

The past few days have been so fun and uplifting working on my vision board. It is now front and center in my walk-in closet, where I will take in its powerful images two or three times a day! It feels really good! Thank you so much for the magical, inspiring workshop. I do believe you transformed our lives with your wisdom and clarity. You are so skilled at guiding this process. Just loved it!

Workshop Hostess and Attendee


You made a huge difference in my Feng Shui business!

I want to thank you from the bottom of my little Feng Shui heart for all the support, information and kindness you shared with me at the Sedona Rocks Workshop. It was a fabulous three days of learning and sharing. To say you inspired me would be gross understatement. I was so energized when I got home I organized my immediate MUST DO  list and have been checking off my task daily. I have completed several appointments and have been signing up to present Feng Shui Talks/Workshops were I have been invited….three so far…YEA!!! Thank you so much for sharing your business knowledge and guidance. YOU made a huge difference in my Feng Shui business and I cannot thank you enough, I promise you!

Katrina W.
Sedona Rocks Retreat attendee 



Is it time for a space clearing or house blessing? Yes!

Space clearing can include adding flowers to your home to freshen and brighten it.

Recently I have been helping clients with space clearings and house blessing and farewell ceremonies for their homes as they prepare them for sale.  It is a reminder to everyone how connected we are to our spaces; how we love them and they, in turn, shelter, protect and express who we are at our deepest levels, even if we are not aware of the relationship!  A space clearing and house blessing ceremony brings that important relationship to the forefront and the ceremony is profound — for all of us.  Space clearings can be done for many reasons, however, and they are always a great idea when change is approaching, happening or happened — which, honestly, is just about all the time!

Space clearings and house blessings are part of many traditions around the world. They involve physically cleaning the space, setting loving intentions and choosing the clearing and blessing tools that resonate with the participants. Space clearing and blessing ceremonies honor and embrace all spiritual and religious belief systems and can include the specific prayers, symbols and rituals that are meaningful to the participants.

Space clearing and House Blessing ceremonies are often done for the following:  

Prior to putting your home on the market for sale. This powerful ceremony has resulted in creating action for my clients – offers and contracts.

Moving into a new home or office. This space clearing ceremony is an auspicious way of clearing the space of the energy of the “old” homeowners or office dwellers and introducing the new owners to the space. This is sometimes done when there is negative energy felt at the closing of the sale.

Before and after the arrival of a child, the leaving of a child for college or other endeavors, parties of any kind – engagement, marriage, holiday and birthday celebrations.

Spring cleaning or at any equinox change.  (At the time of this posting our summer equinox is just around the corner!)

Space clearing can include adding flowers to your home to freshen and brighten it.

Illness, trauma, an accident, argument, divorce, foreclosure or death.

It is such an honor to work with my clients to help them create their own personal ceremonies. Each one is unique and offers a profound release.  Recently I was interviewed by Aly Semigran of The Lucky Blog, a nutrition and healthy living blog, on how to cleanse negative energy from a home.  Read more here to get some additional ideas on how you can do it, too!

Testimonial – Realtor

It worked!

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you so much for performing the House Blessing/Gratitude and Farewell ceremony. It was a beautiful ceremony and I think it worked.  We received our first offer this last Saturday!  Thank you again!!

Dyllan,  Realtor

Testimonial – Residential

Truly amazing!

We had Lorrie come in and do a full consultation for us on our home. It was truly amazing how much insight she gave us on how to create flow in our home. Because of how our home was built the “Wealth and Prosperity” area of the Bagua on our house layout was outside in the backyard. Lorrie recommended that we bury a quartz crystal with the point up in the order to “anchor” that part of the house because money was flowing out. We immediately did as she instructed and within a month or so my husband bought out his partner, his patent came through on his equipment and our financial situation grew more and more rapidly. The drastic change our of financial situation was so obvious that my husband couldn’t deny it as chance. He firmly believes it had to do with the anchoring of the crystal! Our business has grown leaps and bounds since then and we even sold that house and made a very nice profit off of it! Comments we had on our home from potential buyers/and the actual buyers was that it was ‘cozy, warm and welcoming’. We have recently moved into a new home and had another consultation with Lorrie and because we followed her recommendations we could immediately feel a difference in our home. Every suggestion she gave we have done and both of us are amazed, yet again on how it changes the energy in the house! I highly recommend Lorrie to everyone and we look forward to her direction once again when we get to our forever home.

Rachel & Matthew
Homeowners and Repeat Clients

Feng Shui for Realtors @ AREAA luncheon this Thursday, 4.12.18

Feng Shui for Realtors at the April AREAA luncheon meeting, 4.12.18

I’m thrilled to be invited back to speak to the Asian Real Estate Association of Denver (AREAA) at their spring lunch meeting this coming Thursday, April 12th at Del Frisco’s Grille in Cherry Creek. This year’s talk will include how to use the ancient practice of feng shui to help sellers prepare their homes to sell and help buyers to find their dream homes. In addition, I’ll discuss some tips for Realtors on how to set up their offices for success. Find more information and registration:

Interested in a feng shui retreat?

Your year ahead is an open road.

Looking for a weekend retreat where you can learn about feng shui and running a heart-centered, spirit-led business? Sedona Rocks! Retreat might be just right for you. Read on.

I love it when clients and workshop attendees ask how they can get started to learn more about feng shui, becoming a practitioner or adding feng shui to their skill set as an interior designer or other environmental or energy healer. I send them to the Western School of Feng Shui for information on the certification program, to read the blog and join us on our public Facebook page. And, of course, I give them a list of my favorite books (under the last question in the FAQ).

Now, I have something additional to offer: a Western School of Feng Shui weekend retreat open to heart-centered, spirit-led entrepreneurs and potential business owners to connect with other like-minded feng shui practitioners and environmental and energy healers!

Women at retreat
Women connecting at a retreat.

Sedona Rocks! Retreat

Sedona Rocks! Retreat is happening June 1 – 3, 2018 at Las Posadas of Sedona in Sedona, AZ. This 2 ½ day retreat includes content-rich workshops on running a feng shui practice or other heart-centered, spirit-led business practice, time to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs or would-be practitioners, shared meals, yoga and hiking in a beautiful setting. Tuition is $547 and includes all workshops and evening programs, Friday night reception, Saturday night dinner, and daily snacks.

Interested? Let’s talk! Contact me directly to learn more, or 303.882.7275.