Testimonial – Residential

Truly amazing!

We had Lorrie come in and do a full consultation for us on our home. It was truly amazing how much insight she gave us on how to create flow in our home. Because of how our home was built the “Wealth and Prosperity” area of the Bagua on our house layout was outside in the backyard. Lorrie recommended that we bury a quartz crystal with the point up in the order to “anchor” that part of the house because money was flowing out. We immediately did as she instructed and within a month or so my husband bought out his partner, his patent came through on his equipment and our financial situation grew more and more rapidly. The drastic change our of financial situation was so obvious that my husband couldn’t deny it as chance. He firmly believes it had to do with the anchoring of the crystal! Our business has grown leaps and bounds since then and we even sold that house and made a very nice profit off of it! Comments we had on our home from potential buyers/and the actual buyers was that it was ‘cozy, warm and welcoming’. We have recently moved into a new home and had another consultation with Lorrie and because we followed her recommendations we could immediately feel a difference in our home. Every suggestion she gave we have done and both of us are amazed, yet again on how it changes the energy in the house! I highly recommend Lorrie to everyone and we look forward to her direction once again when we get to our forever home.

Rachel & Matthew
Homeowners and Repeat Clients

Feng Shui for Realtors @ AREAA luncheon this Thursday, 4.12.18

Feng Shui for Realtors at the April AREAA luncheon meeting, 4.12.18

I’m thrilled to be invited back to speak to the Asian Real Estate Association of Denver (AREAA) at their spring lunch meeting this coming Thursday, April 12th at Del Frisco’s Grille in Cherry Creek. This year’s talk will include how to use the ancient practice of feng shui to help sellers prepare their homes to sell and help buyers to find their dream homes. In addition, I’ll discuss some tips for Realtors on how to set up their offices for success. Find more information and registration: https://mailchi.mp/181843dd0c9f/feng-shui-for-real-estate-lunch-learn-569571?e=27bca68445

Interested in a feng shui retreat?

Your year ahead is an open road.

Looking for a weekend retreat where you can learn about feng shui and running a heart-centered, spirit-led business? Sedona Rocks! Retreat might be just right for you. Read on.

I love it when clients and workshop attendees ask how they can get started to learn more about feng shui, becoming a practitioner or adding feng shui to their skill set as an interior designer or other environmental or energy healer. I send them to the Western School of Feng Shui for information on the certification program, to read the blog and join us on our public Facebook page. And, of course, I give them a list of my favorite books (under the last question in the FAQ).

Now, I have something additional to offer: a Western School of Feng Shui weekend retreat open to heart-centered, spirit-led entrepreneurs and potential business owners to connect with other like-minded feng shui practitioners and environmental and energy healers!

Women at retreat
Women connecting at a retreat.

Sedona Rocks! Retreat

Sedona Rocks! Retreat is happening June 1 – 3, 2018 at Las Posadas of Sedona in Sedona, AZ. This 2 ½ day retreat includes content-rich workshops on running a feng shui practice or other heart-centered, spirit-led business practice, time to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs or would-be practitioners, shared meals, yoga and hiking in a beautiful setting. Tuition is $547 and includes all workshops and evening programs, Friday night reception, Saturday night dinner, and daily snacks.

Interested? Let’s talk! Contact me directly to learn more, lwgrillo@thrivingspaces.com or 303.882.7275.


Feng Shui for the New Year – a free one-hour workshop

Fresh flowers and an updated calendar keep the feng shui new year energy fresh in your office.

Feng Shui for the New Year – tips for creating positive energy in 2018

Denver Public Library/Virginia Village Branch, Saturday, January 27, 2018 @ 2 PM

Fresh flowers and an updated calendar keep the feng shui new year energy fresh in your office.
Fresh flowers keep the energy fresh in your office.

In this one-hour workshop, Feng Shui for the New Year, you will learn how the energy of spaces and things impacts us and how we can create positive energy for 2018. You will be introduced to some tools of the practitioner – the Bagua and the Five Elements – and how to use them to make changes in your environment based on your goals. And, you’ll be introduced to some excellent Feng Shui teachers through their books (all available at the DPL.) Bring a floor plan of your home or office to work with. Get off to a great start for a great year!

The workshop is hosted by Denver Public Library/Virginia Village branch and is complimentary to the public.

Workshops Alert: Create Your 2018 Vision Board using Feng Shui

Make a vision board that works.

It’s time to sign up for your Vision Board workshop!  This is the third year that I’ve hosted Vision Board Workshops using Feng Shui principles and I’m happy to report attendees have seen great success, sometimes in unexpected and remarkable ways.  It’s been very exciting for me to see this unfold and I invite you to try this amazing technique to co-create your year with your heart and soul!  Three workshops to choose from:

Saturday, 1/6/18 Schlessman Family Library, 1st & Quebec St., Denver, CO, 1 – 4 PM

Sunday, 1/14/18 Schlessman Family Library, 1st & Quebec St., Denver, CO, 1:30 – 4:30 PM

Sunday, 1/21/18 Lowry Print & Ship, Downtown Lowry, Denver, CO, 12 – 3 PM

Creating a Vision Board is about transformation. It’s about listening to a calling deep inside to transform yourself and your year.  Who makes a Vision Board? Anyone who wants to plan their year, seeks clarity, and is brave enough to ask for what they want.

Your heart is the strongest muscle in your body; do what it says!

A Vision Board is a collection of images that represents the hopes, goals, and dreams you have for your future, often created around the New Year. The images are mounted on a poster board and hung in a place that you can see every day. Vision Boards are proactive, intentional, and fun.

We will use Feng Shui organizing principles — the Bagua, Five Elements and Yin/Yang balance — to design and make our boards. With Feng Shui guiding us, we will make sure to balance our visions with work, rest, and play.

The workshop fee is $30 and includes materials, (poster board, scissors, tape, glue stick and magazines) but attendees are encouraged to bring their own folder of images. Upon registering, each attendee will receive a how-to-get-started list and an outline for the workshop. Start collecting your images now! Each attendee will leave with their own personal 2018 Vision Board at the end of the workshop. Secure your spot now by emailing me (see link below); payment for the workshop (Paypal or check) is due one week before.

Here’s what one recent Vision Board participant said about the workshop:

Thank you so much for the magical, inspiring workshop. I do believe you transformed our lives with your wisdom and clarity. You are so skilled at guiding this process. Just loved it!

Louisa, Workshop Attendee

Register for the workshop of your choice by emailing lwgrillo@thrivingspaces.com — be sure and specify which workshop you’d like to attend.

If you are interested in hosting a private Vision Board workshop for your friends, book group, work colleagues or fellow board members, just contact me.  I like to have a minimum of 8 participants but am happy to come to you and give the workshop in your space.

Let’s make 2018 a great year!


Upcoming feng shui workshops!

Come to a workshop to start and enrich your feng shui journey. Keep checking here for more workshops! Vision Board workshops using feng shui principles are coming in January 2018.

Thursday, November 9, 2017 @ Peace Cellars Boutique 7 PM – 8 PM, $15

Feng Shui for the Holidays – learn some basics of feng shui and use your new knowledge to help you enjoy the holidays – from enhancing family harmony to creating a nurturing and supportive environment for celebrating and honoring your traditions.

The Peace Cellar, 3143 S. Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113, (720) 242-6531

Tuesday, December 5, 2017   5:30 – 8:30 PM

Private workshop for The Junior League of Denver – learn more about The Junior League here.

Arrange your space to support your life – an introduction to feng shui –In this two-hour introduction to Feng Shui, you will learn how the energy of spaces and things impacts us — and how we can take control. You will be introduced to some tools of the practitioner – the Bagua and the Five Elements – and how to use them to make changes in your environment based on your desires. We’ll also discuss some feng shui tips for the holidays and preparation for the New Year. You’ll even have a chance to test your new knowledge!

Saturday, January 27, 2018 @ Virginia Vale Library Branch – 2 PM, Free

Feng Shui for the New Year – tips for creating positive energy in 2018 –In this one-hour workshop, Feng Shui for the New Year, you will learn how the energy of spaces and things impacts us — and how we can create positive energy for 2018. You will be introduced to some tools of the practitioner – the Bagua and the Five Elements – and how to use them to make changes in your environment based on your goals. And, you’ll be introduced to some excellent Feng Shui teachers through their books (all available at the DPL.) Bring a floor plan of your home or office to work with. Get off to a great start for a great year!

Virginia Vale Library Branch, 1500 S Dahlia St, Denver, CO 80222, (720) 865-0940

Mark your calendars: summer feng shui workshops!

I love sharing the practical tips and tools of feng shui in workshops;  everyone asks great questions and we all learn from each other. The simple practices of feng shui can help us meet our goals by showing us how our environments can support us. This ancient Chinese system of organization believes that human beings are happiest when their environments are in harmony with their goals. Summertime — when we live both indoors and outdoors — is a great time to connect with our environments! Learn more at two workshops coming up!

Intro to Feng Shui: Tips and Tools for Your Home.

Learn how to create balanced spaces at these summer feng shui workshops!
Comfy, balanced yin/yang space.

Thursday, June 22, 2017 @ Peace Cellar boutique in Englewood. 7 – 8 PM
3143 S. Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113
Sponsored by Lindsey Friedman and Susie Limmer of Colorado Home Realty.
This one-hour workshop will introduce basic feng shui principles, present some practical tips and tools, and show you how to apply them in your home.


Learn how to create balanced spaces at these feng shui workshops!
You can use feng shui to create a beautiful garden — in a large or small space!

Feng Shui Your Outdoor Spaces!
Saturday, July 8, 2017 @ Schlessman Library in Denver.   2 – 3 PM (please note NEW DATE; this was changed from Sunday, July 9)
100 Poplar St, Denver, CO 80220
Sponsored by Denver Public Library.
Whether you have a large, open yard or a small covered patio, feng shui can help you create a space that serves your needs. We’ll use the feng shui organizing tools of the Bagua, Five Elements and Yin/Yang balance to help design your perfect space with auspicious shapes and colors, furniture, art and plants.

Come and learn more about feng shui and leave with some ideas to implement immediately!

Why cleaning out your spice drawer is good for you and for the world!

One of my favorite aspects of feng shui is that it doesn’t require you to make huge changes in your space to bring change into your life. Whether your goals are to increase your energy, enhance your well-being, attract more prosperity or fame (to name a few), small changes can begin the process. Small changes made with intention–getting rid of old or outdated items you no longer use to make room for new; clearing off your desk at the end of the day to prepare for the next; making your bed in the morning to create calm at the end of your day; removing everything from a kitchen counter except what you use regularly to encourage healthy eating—help your environment support your best you. All are feng shui practices that are easy, effective, and quick.

Clean kitchen counters with pantry items ready for use!

Small changes = big difference

I was recently reminded of how the small changes we make to our spaces and our lives can also help change the world. While reading one of my favorite feng shui tomes, A Guide to the I Ching, a translation from the Chinese by Carol K. Anthony, I came across this important passage:

Every step of progress leads not only to our own success, but to a better world. Our smallest self-improvement is of the greatest importance to ending suffering in the world, and to bettering the human condition, for how things are in the world is a reflection of the accumulated effort of human beings to follow the good within themselves.  

If you’ve got an hour, you can clean out your spice drawer (and change the world)

Wow! We can feel good about cleaning out a drawer or a closet, but we can feel even better knowing the success we create for ourselves is also bettering the world!

Got an hour?

Here are other small feng shui steps you can take toward self-improvement–and positive world change–that can be accomplished in less than an hour:

  • Cull stale herbs and spices and questionable pantry items from your kitchen. Checking expiration dates makes this an easy task.
  • Review all your first-aid kits–in the car, drawers, and backpacks—for expired products. If you ever need to deal with a bee sting, you’ll be glad your Benadryl is potent.
  • Look through your bathroom drawers and medicine cabinet to make sure all your makeup, medicines, and ointments are current. Toss out what’s old and replace what’s necessary.
  • Take a trip under your kitchen and bathroom sinks to get rid of aging, potentially toxic and caustic cleansers.
  • Clean out your closet. If you don’t have time for a full-on purge, pick one area to focus on. Clean out a sock drawer, your scarf display, shoe collection, or tie rack (small steps, remember?)
  • Take a close look at all the notes, magnets, and artwork hanging on your refrigerator–discard or recycle what no longer speaks to you. Same goes for your kitchen bulletin board!

(Check out www.coloradomedtakeback.info and denvergov.org under trash and recycling of hazardous waste for places to dispose and recycle your waste.)

Will anyone notice the small changes you make?

You will, and not only will you benefit from making them, you know the world will benefit, too!

Balance your life with rest and play, even when you’re not on vacation.

Feng shui reminds us that we’re at our top physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual power when we are living and working in a harmonious space that allows us to balance work, rest, and play. When we intentionally set up our environment to create this balance, we are supported to maintain it in our daily lives.

I was disheartened, but not surprised, to read recently that more than half of all American workers left their vacation time unused. In a 2015 survey, that amounted to a whopping 658 million unused vacation days in one year! For the past 15 years, according to Project: Time Off, Americans have been taking fewer and fewer vacations. We are the only country that doesn’t require employers to provide vacation time, but that is not the only problem. Equally at fault are the employees who simply don’t take the time off they are entitled to!

We’re working our way to disharmony, imbalance, and burnout! When we don’t take care of ourselves, things fall apart around us, including our relationships and our physical and mental health. I understand that not everyone feels they can afford to take time off, but I also think that we’ve lauded work over other ways to spend our precious time, and have made being busy a badge of honor. How do you balance work, rest, and play? Feng shui can help.

Here are some ideas:

  • Create a Vision Board that showcases ALL aspects of your vision – including work, rest, and play. Post it in a place you see every day and make it a point to review it several times a day. Let your subconscious soak it in.
  • Set an alarm on your phone or computer to take a break during the day – a walk outside, a visit to a co-worker, a brief closed-eye meditation.
  • Make your bed every morning. This “accomplishment” feeds into your sense of taking care of yourself and being a powerful, organized person.
  • Clear off your desk at the end of the day. This is another way to signal to your subconscious that you work smart, and that when your workday is done, you make time for other activities.
  • Speaking of your desk, place something on it NOT work related that makes you smile. A small Eiffel Tower, an animal statue, a squeeze toy – you catch my drift. This will communicate that you are more than your output, that you have a personality and life beyond your work.
  • Turn off all electronics 30 minutes before heading to bed.
  • Keep electronics to a minimum in your bedroom. If you must have a TV or desktop computer in your room, house it in a cabinet that has doors you can close when it’s time to sleep.
  • Create a beautiful oasis of calm in your bedroom so that when you’re prepared for bed, the space is ready for you to rest and relax.
  • And, finally, take that vacation! Hang a 12- or 18-month calendar in your office or at home and mark your vacation days. Keeping them visible will remind you to plan something special and commit to doing it!

Work is vitally important to all of us, but so is rest and so is play. I hope these ideas help you find the balance that will keep you both happy and productive every day.

Curiosity can help you create your Vision Board 2017.

Greet the rising sun with a positive attitude.

In her latest book, Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert talks about the essence of living a creative life and she tells us that we can all lead one if we do just one thing. It’s not giving up our day jobs to give us the time to create. It’s not having a “muse.” It’s not even having a great creative gift, like writing or painting or singing. It’s simply living a life that is driven more by curiosity than by fear. This is the perfect mindset for creating a vision for your future. You don’t have to know what you’re going to be doing. You just need to be curious about what you want your life to look like. As 2016 comes to a close, it’s the perfect time to assess how the year has gone and ask yourself what you’d like to see for the upcoming year. Creating a Vision Board is an enjoyable, creative process using your curiosity to make a personal, pictorial vision of your 2017.

I am often asked how creating a Vision Board is different than writing down a plan. “A picture is worth a thousand words,” is one answer because looking at a vision board is faster than reading a plan, if speed is what you’re after. But there is also a longer answer, which involves science: our brains respond to pictures immediately and without thinking. There’s a bypass going on when we look at a picture – we bypass our conscious mind and we respond to it. If I ask you to think of your house, you don’t see the word H-O-U-S-E. You see an image of your house! Images are powerful communicators.

Attendees from a Vision Board workshop show off their completed boards!
Attendees from a Vision Board workshop show off their completed boards!

We know this from our dreams. Dreaming (day or night) is how our subconscious communicates with us – not always clearly. Finding and using pictures on a vision board is one way for us to communicate with our subconscious while we’re awake and guiding the process. Why is that so important? Well, because science also tells us that the subconscious is running the show.

Co-creating with your subconscious, by placing images that speak to you on a board that you look at daily, helps you to manifest your visions as reality. That’s what makes Vision Boards so powerful.

Start collecting your images NOW and learn how to balance and harmonize them on a Vision Board using feng shui principles at three workshops in January 2017.  The $25 workshop fee includes all materials for your board. For more information, an FAQ on collecting images and to register, contact Lorrie Grillo @ lwgrillo@thrivingspaces.com or 303.882.7275.

Get curious about your 2017 and create some “big magic” with a Vision Board!