Title of my online vision board workshop

Doing a vision board is about generosity of spirit and time. Yours.

I get it:  you thought about doing vision boards in the past, but you weren’t sure what exactly you were supposed to do.  Or, you get started, but then don’t finish.  Or, you scheduled a time to go to a workshop and then something came up. Or, maybe you just don’t like live workshops!  There are lots of reasons we don’t get things done. This is not about admonishing ourselves. Doing a vision board is about generosity of spirit and time; be kind to yourself and give yourself the gift of communicating with your heart and mind to envision your future year. I invite you to do just that, at home with my online course. Title of my online vision board workshop

There are a lot of online choices.

I will be the first to tell you there are a LOT of vision board YouTubes, blog posts and even some other courses out there.  Have at ‘em! Whatever motivates you to create a vision board, I applaud. I’d be honored if you took my course.  I created my online course to follow what I do in my live workshops – with a meditation, an explanation about why I recommend using feng shui principles to organize your board, a video of me putting my own vision board together so you can see how I use those feng shui principles, and why communing with your board makes all the difference.  I have a different spin on making vision boards and it’s helped many workshops attendees over the years manifest their visions. That’s why I put this workshop online.

Create your board in and on your own time.

It takes about the same amount of time to complete the workshop – approximately three hours – whether you take it live or online.  The difference, I’ve learned from my online course attendees, is that they have done the lessons over several days or even weeks, instead of all in one sitting, like a live workshop. This gives you the opportunity to spread out the learning and make your vision board over time.

I love this course!  Great content!  It ended up being an amazing exercise that everybody should do.  Before going through the course and having to work on my board, I thought it would be just a fun activity.  What I realized is that this is a powerful and eye-opening exercise as you face different areas of your life and hard questions to answer.  Do it!  You’ll learn important things!                   Andi, online workshop registrant.

Learn more about my course and watch a short invitation video here.


I’ll know when you register and will be there with you – via email – whenever you need me.

I can’t wait to help you create and manifest your visions!