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The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Host a private Zoom vision board workshop!

A private vision board workshop is a unique gift to give. Host a private vision board workshop for your group – employees, clients, book group, volunteers, board members, friends, family,
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Front cover of Yin Yang and Prosper

Want to know how to become a feng shui practitioner? This book is for you!

If you want to know how to become a feng shui practitioner then my book is for you. I’m excited to announce that Yin Yang and Prosper: How to Create a
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Phone or computer works for remote consultations.

Remote Feng Shui consultations during Covid-19 are safe, easy and effective

First, I hope you are well and staying safe and sane during this trying time. I am one of the lucky ones, with my health intact, the opportunity to walk
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Imagination is everything.

Communicate and Co-Create: Register for your 2020 Vision Board workshop today.

While you’re prepping for the holidays stop a moment and give yourself the gift of envisioning your year ahead.  Sign up for a vision board workshop to help you envision,
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My perfect feng shui client and I shaking hands.

Are you my perfect feng shui client? Read on to find out if we are the right fit!

I love my clients! They are a perfect fit for me, and I for them. It is such a pleasure and a privilege to work with them and I am
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A graphic of the 8 feng shui bagua areas with symbolic images representing their meanings, for example, a pair of birds to represent the Love & Marriage area.

How to make a vision board that works!

There are many ways to create a vision board. Find one that inspires you. There are many ways to make a vision board. You can tag and curate photos from
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A completed vision board with cut out images from magazines, photos, postcards and maps placed on a white poster board organized by the 8 feng shui bagua areas.

A vision board is different than making resolutions or setting goals.

Looking for a different way to plan and manifest a great future? Read on. Are you a planner extraordinaire, or a goal setter and realizer, or maybe even a resolution-maker
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Silver gift bag

Download my Holiday Tips for free!

Here are some holiday tips for you this season to help you enjoy the peace and harmony of the holidays with a little less stress! Click here to download. Happy
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Balance your life with rest and play, even when you’re not on vacation.

Feng shui reminds us that we’re at our top physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual power when we are living and working in a harmonious space that allows us to balance
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Greet the rising sun with a positive attitude.

Curiosity can help you create your Vision Board 2017.

In her latest book, Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert talks about the essence of living a creative life and she tells us that we can all lead one if we do
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