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Category: Easy Feng Shui

Phone or computer works for remote consultations.

Remote Feng Shui consultations during Covid-19 are safe, easy and effective

First, I hope you are well and staying safe and sane during this trying time. I am one of the lucky ones, with my health intact, the opportunity to walk
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Balance your life with rest and play, even when you’re not on vacation.

Feng shui reminds us that we’re at our top physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual power when we are living and working in a harmonious space that allows us to balance
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Try some Feng Shui baby steps!

In the spirit of baby steps, I give you some small ways to practice Feng Shui as you dive into spring cleaning. These practices will help you de-clutter and invite fresh energy into your spaces. Don’t do more than one per day and, don’t forget to cheer for yourself after each step; you are learning Feng Shui!
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Focus some Feng Shui LOVE on your Home this Valentine’s Day!

It’s February and it’s time for you to focus some LOVE on your . . . Home. I’m not talking about de-cluttering or organizing. (Always a good idea, though.) I’m talking about all those areas of your home that you’ve been ignoring or neglecting.
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Feng Shui balance: work, rest and play!

My business tag line is Work, Rest Play with Feng Shui – and it’s meant as a reminder that our spaces can help us achieve a Feng Shui balance so that our lives can express it, too. Here in the U.S. we’re not so good at balance. We are the “workaholic” culture; we now work more hours than any other country on the planet. I contend we now play harder than anyone else with our penchant for extreme sports, X-Games and the competitive nature of children’s athletics. What I don’t think we do very well is rest.
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Energize your cubicle workplace with Feng Shui!

I recently had the opportunity to volunteer at the Veteran’s Administration for their employee Diversity Day 2012 “Perceptions, Stereotypes and Conversations Leading to Understanding”.  Topics were wide-ranging and fascinating from
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Practice Feng Shui: Listen to Your Clutter Meter

Decluttering your home is one of the easiest Feng Shui practices I know of to break the dam of stuck energy. It can be done without spending any money, unless you need to buy some storage bins. It can be done in any amount of time (5 minutes is all you need to de-clutter a coffee table!) and over time. To keep the clutter meter needle close to my tolerance level I schedule a de-cluttering date every week.
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Celebrate a Feng Shui Valentine’s Day all month long!

Who doesn’t need a little boost in the Love Department?  Practically all of us do and with Feng Shui, it’s easy.  Whether you’re looking for love, nurturing new love, or
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Feng Shui bed placement and other guest room ideas!

If you are lucky, you will have guests coming and going over the next six weeks blessing your home with love and laughter, great conversation, fabulous food and gifts. Feng Shui principles can help you prepare for them and keep your home running smoothly. With Feng Shui, we’re always looking to make our spaces safe, comfortable and harmonious.
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Feng Shui luck: make your own!

Recently, when speaking about Feng Shui at one of our local library branches, an audience member asked a question that struck a chord: “We’ve had a string of bad luck lately. What can we do, right now, to change our luck?” It’s a great question because most of us have experienced what feels like a string of bad luck at some point in our lives. In fact, many heads were bobbing in agreement. Like many good questions (and I count this as a good one for just this reason) it was asked in a way that held the answer.
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