A $300 gift from the Western School of Feng Shui

Zoom window with other students.

This month, through June 30, 2024, the Western School of Feng Shui is gifting $300 off the tuition of the award-winning Essential Feng Shui® Practitioner Training course to all new students.  The course is offered three different ways:  live in-person, live on-Zoom, and self-paced online.  I’m teaching the live on-Zoom course in a Fast-Track 14-day program this fall, which allows you to take the course from your home or office with a commitment of about 3 hours/day.  Learn more about all of our programs here:  https://www.westernschooloffengshui.com. Payment plans are offered.

Want to talk to me first before registering?  Just email me and we’ll set up a Zoom.  Take advantage of this gift now and give yourself the gift of time to prepare for your fall course!

You’re invited to a Discovery Hour Zoom meeting on Feng Shui Training — Free & Fun!

Zoom window with other students.

Complimentary Zoom “Discovery Hour” on feng shui training Friday, 3/1/24 @ 12 noon MST

Find out more about a Fast-Track Zoom Essential Feng Shui® Practitioner Training at a complimentary, one-hour information meeting over Zoom, on Friday, 3/1/24 at 12 PM (MST). Join your teacher, Lorrie Webb Grillo, and the founder of the Western School of Feng Shui, Terah Kathryn Collins, and learn what the course covers, how much time you’ll need to commit to each day of the 14-day program, and what you can expect for the twice/day Zoom coaching calls. If you’ve ever wondered about feng shui “school” in a Zoom classroom, bring your questions and find out!  Email Lorrie at lwgrillo@thrivingspaces.com  for the link to the meeting.

Discovery Hour with Lorrie Webb Grillo and Terah Kathryn Collins, founder of the Western School of Feng Shui

Friday, March 1st, 2024

Noon-1pm MST

Complimentary Zoom Q&A meeting

Would you like to jump in and learn Feng Shui quickly? Lorrie and Terah will answer your questions and put you on the fast track!

Email lwgrillo@thrivingspaces.com for the link to the meeting.

Create a Vision (Board) for 2024!

Everything is a miracle.

Create a Vision (Board) for 2024! Two workshops to choose from:

I hope you’ll join me in creating your vision board using feng shui principles to energize your visions on either of these scheduled dates, one live on Zoom, the other is live in-person:

Everything is a miracle.
Two ways to live! You get to choose.

Saturday, January 13, 2024  10 AM – 12:30 PM  (register here)

Sunday, January 21, 2024    1 PM – 3:30 PM  (register here)

Register for your 2024 Vision Board workshop above and I’ll send your pre-workshop instructions. Registration is $35 and payable through the link.

What’s a vision board?

A Vision Board is a collection of images that represents the hopes, goals, and dreams you have for your future, often created around the New Year. The images are mounted on a poster board (or bulletin board or art canvas) and hung in a place that you can see every day, or created on your computer for daily viewing. Vision Boards are proactive, intentional, and fun. And, best of all, they work!

How to get ready:

You will need to gather your materials – an actual poster or foam board (if you choose to create a physical board), some double-sided tape, scissors and magazines or other print material to cut, shape, and affix. (The Dollar Store is a great place for your materials if you choose to shop, or you can easily get everything online.)

You may choose to create your board on your computer using digital photos and a design app. That works well for many creators, and if so, you may wish to watch the live Zoom workshop on your phone or tablet so you can use your computer to create it, or bring your computer with you to the in-person workshop.

I will be leading you through the process with an explanation of our feng shui principles, which help us acknowledge all parts of our vision for the future, and with plenty of time in between segments for you to work on your board and ask questions.  There will be time at the end for anyone wanting to share their thoughts about the process or their board!  (Sharing your board is always a powerful announcement to the universe about what you want!)

Any questions?  Contact me here!




Start your feng shui training with this two-week course in October 2023

Play your game!

Do you dream of becoming a feng shui practitioner/consultant? Or adding feng shui to your current work? Dream big and take your first step with a two-week training course through the Western School of Feng Shui from October 8 – 21, 2023.

Create a life by design, not default.

I recently had the opportunity to play an abbreviated version of The Decade Game. The game helps you create a life by design, not by default. The guiding principle is to dream big and long-term then start with initial steps.

In the game, you are asked this foundational question:  if you are not currently having fun in the life that you’re living, then you’re playing someone else’s game.

Gulp. That was me fourteen years ago. At that time, I was in a job that had become routine. So, I took my feng shui training to see what I might find.  Would it give me a new work purpose, the satisfaction and joy of helping clients, and would I be having fun?  Yes, yes, and yes! My life and work as a feng shui practitioner, consultant, teacher, and writer is playing my game.

Play your game!
Play your game!
Do you want to work in feng shui or add feng shui to your current career?

You can begin as early as this October by getting your feng shui certification training through the Western School of Feng Shui. I am going to be facilitating the fourteen-day, Fast-Track Essential Feng Shui® (EFS) certification training program from October 8 – 21, 2023. Join me, and other students, in this on-line training program with Zoom coaching calls.  I’ll be with you twice daily on Zoom through your training and will use examples from my fourteen years of experience as a feng shui consultant to enrich the training. Learn more here. Upon completion of your course work, you’ll be given instructions for completing your training so that you can be certified through the school, should you wish to continue your training and become a professional feng shui practitioner.

Here’s what one student from last year’s training had to say:

I hope you took some time to take a breath and enjoy the beautiful weekend after a fantastic two weeks full of Feng Shui. I wanted to send you a quick note to congratulate you on a very successful course and also thank you for sharing your knowledge with others. I really appreciated your teaching style and hope you feel great about the course as well! I learned so much and I know there is so much more to learn.

Many thanks again! Ryan

Let’s talk to me about the program? Contact me now!

2023 Vision Board Workshops Announced

Create a vision board to help you manifest your dreams.

Two live, Zoom vision workshops announced for 2023!

The new year is around the corner. It’s time to make a date to create a vision for your 2023 by attending one of two live, Zoom vision board workshops:  Sunday, January 8, 2023 from 1 PM – 3:30 PM or Saturday, January 14, 2023 from 10 AM – 12:30 PM.

You manifest what you believe, not (just*) what you want!  Sonia Ricotti

I added the just* to the above quote because it’s important to feel and know what you want as a first part of creating your vision for the future. Believing that you can manifest what you want is paramount to the process.

The vision board workshops are live on Zoom so you can envision a new year for yourself and complete your board, all from home! Those of you familiar with this workshop (we’re in our 10th year!) know we use feng shui to power up the process. I’ll be with you throughout the workshop and available on screen or in the chat.

(Not familiar with vision boards? Read about them here.)

Join me in a live two-and-a-half hour Zoom vision board workshop to envision all the wonderful stories of your 2023 yet to unfold and learn how to manifest them. The cost of the workshop is $35 and includes my preparation list and custom vision board feng shui handouts. After you register, I’ll send your instructions, handouts and Zoom link.

Two workshops to choose from:

Sunday, January 8, 2023 1 – 3:30 PM  (Register here)

Saturday, January 14, 2023 10 AM – 12:30 PM (Register here) 

See you next year!

Get started on your feng shui career in this two-week, fast-track online & Zoom training!

Working on Zoom.

Interested in becoming a certified practitioner of feng shui?  Join me in the Fall 2022 for a two-week, fast-track online and Zoom course offered through the Western School of Feng Shui.

My life changed; yours can, too!

Many of you know that my life changed when I read The Western Guide to Feng Shui by Terah Kathryn Collins. I found my new career and attended the Western School of Feng Shui to become certified as an Essential Feng Shui® (EFS) practitioner. That was over 13 years ago and today, I am happy to announce that I’m facilitating, coaching, and supporting students taking a fast-track Zoom version of that same certification course this October, from 10/9 – 10/22/22. WSFS logo

Now you can learn from Terah and her co-teachers (via video) with me by your side (in your Zoom window) and with other students, all from the comfort of your own home, office, or coffee shop.

Content-rich, in-depth training.

This content-rich, in-depth training features over 100 hours of online videos, audios, and written materials prepared by Terah and her co-teachers.  The Western School of Feng Shui’s curriculum is a culmination and compilation of Terah’s study with renowned acupuncture teacher, author, and feng shui expert, Dr. Richard Tan.  In addition, Terah and her co-teachers have all practiced what they’ve preached for many years and share their experiences as practitioners and consultants.

You’re not alone! I’ll be with you along the way.

And I’ll be with you along the way! Together on Zoom, we’ll meet twice a day to go over the video-watching plan, the curriculum, share insights and then answer questions and dig deeper. We’ll get through the required training in the two-week program, and I’ll make sure you’re ready to complete your certification requirements on your own in order to finish and finalize the certification process. Not only will I be the “coach” in your Zoom window, but you’ll meet and connect with other students, too, so you’ll be sharing the experience and garnering their insights as well.

Zoom window with other students.
You’re not alone! Join with other students in this new Zoom-supported program.

It’s the same great curriculum.

The curriculum for this program is the same whether you choose the in-person, seven-day training with a facilitator/coach (offered several times a year in different locations) or the self-paced, online version of the training. This new format – Fast-Track Zoom — is being offered for the first time for those who want to do the program within a two-week time frame and with other students and a facilitator/coach on Zoom – all from the comfort and convenience of your own space.

Learn more about the program here or contact me directly for more information.

Come join me!

Becoming a feng shui practitioner and consultant is one of the best experiences of my life. I’m so excited to help students absorb and understand the philosophy and tools of this Form School Feng Shui practice and share my experiences as a feng shui practitioner, consultant, writer, teacher, and business owner for over 13 years.  Come join me!

Dear Earth, I promise to work on the crisis in our relationship! Part 1

Our Planet

Dear Earthlings,

As we know, feng shui helps us humans to live comfortably and thrive in and on our home planet in a supportive, coexisting, harmonious relationship.

Alas, that relationship is in crisis. Climate crisis, that is.

I want to hold up my part of the bargain and work on this relationship. And that’s going to take some action. Happily, I’ve got feng shui to help.

Feng shui asks us to do something to bring about the changes we want. Some people believe individual change won’t do a thing to impact the climate crisis, but I respond with my favorite Margaret Mead quote:  “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has.

People working together on a common goal
Together we can accomplish a lot!

Are you with me?

If so, read on for some feng shui principles and their practices to help us reach our biggest goal ever: living in harmony with our planet. I’ll be posting some ideas on how I’m working on my relationship with the planet, and I’d love to hear yours!

Feng shui principle: live with what you love and get rid of the rest!

The feng shui action here is getting rid of that stuff without just throwing it in the landfill. So, what can you do?

Clean out your closet and donate/recycle/sell those clothes and shoes.

Goodwill, Catholic Charities, and the Salvation Army have drop off spots for clothing, shoes and other household items and often have trucks to pick up large items. If your stuff is not good enough to donate, you can recycle it by using a service like Ridwell, which works with partner companies that turn recycled goods into something new. Ridwell takes a LOT of stuff you might not know what to do with, too. Check them out!

Need new clothes to love? Buy/sell using online consignment retailers (many are upscale!) or clothing creators who have “green” policies.

You can sell gently used (or never worn) clothing on a variety of online consignment retailers. Poshmark, The Real Real, Thred Up and Tradesy are great websites for gently used clothes and accessories.

These brands have eco-conscious policies and commitments to consider if you want to purchase new.

And, finally, here’s an idea that I am embracing:  spend a little more for something truly worthy and buy less of other stuff. Less stuff purchased means less stuff tossed or recycled. Check out this Levi’s ad campaign with the tag line: buy better, wear longer.

Sell or donate furniture you no long want/use and buy used.

I have bought and sold furniture and household items through Facebook Marketplace, Craig’s List and at the local Habitat for Humanity store. Facebook Marketplace and Craig’s List feature buyers and sellers that have local connections creating less transportation waste for everyone.

Re-gift things or give consumables or experiences as you give gifts in the future.

I received tickets for the Immersive van Gogh exhibit as a birthday gift and recently visited the venue: what a treat! This is a giant moving digital display on the walls and floor put to music showcasing this master’s artwork. Truly memorable and delightful.

Immersive van Gogh experience showing Starry Night
A photo from my immersive van Gogh experience.

Other ideas for consumable gift giving include homemade goodies, a new plant, a downloadable book or music and the always well-received (at least by me!) dark chocolate.

Do you know other places or organizations who are doing their part to work on our relationship with our planet? I’d love to hear about them or ways you are making a softer imprint as you walk your path in life and I’ll share them in a future post! Email me!



Next up:  how I think of refuse management as another way of balancing and harmonizing my life!

Livin’ la vida feng shui! Feng shui habits for a balanced lifestyle.


Incorporate these feng shui habits—all expressions of yin and yang energy—into your daily routine and enjoy a balanced lifestyle. Or, as I like to call it, la vida feng shui! Yin and yang can be explained as equal and counterbalanced forces that make up chi, the life force energy that exists in all things. They are equally important, can’t exist without the other, and work well together, like good partners, to create wholeness and balance. When we balance these two energies within ourselves and our worlds, we can live a more harmonious life.

Be clear on what you want and let your actions take you there.

A powerful way to clarify and remind yourself of what is important to you is to create a vision board, a big-picture view (literally, a collage of pictures) of your dreams and goals. Looking inward to discover your deepest desires is an expression of Yin energy. Taking outward action to realize your goals expresses Yang energy.

Take care of yourself before taking care of others.

Meditating supports a balanced lifestyle.

This is the same thing as putting on your own oxygen mask first. Meditate, eat breakfast, exercise, write in your journal—do whatever it is every day that nurtures your body, mind, and spirit, and give yourself the gift of time to make it a habit. Everyone else you care for or connect with—your family, clients, neighbors, and fellow drivers on the road—will benefit from your caring for yourself (Yin energy) in preparation for helping others (Yang energy).

Dancers represent yin and yang energy in a balanced lifestyle.

Take stock and be grateful.

Take stock of your blessings, small and large. Being grateful expresses Yin energy. Showing your gratitude in ways that are meaningful to you is a powerful expression of Yang energy. When we are grateful, we open the window of opportunity. I like to think of gratitude and prosperity as dancing partners: taking turns leading and following to create a harmonious dance.

Show up. And make sure that what you’re doing aligns with your values.

Whether it’s to your job, a volunteer position, or helping a family member, if you’ve made a commitment, follow through on it. This is feng shui Yang energy expressed as action powered by your integrity (Yin energy).

Express yourself; e.g., play!

Cooking can be a form of play, so important for a balanced lifestyle.

Dance, make music, create art, write, play golf, cook, read, puzzle, knit—whatever your creative outlet, make time for it and enjoy it without judgment. Creativity is the mind at play, and without it we can become dulled, robotic worker bees (which is an insult to bees). Play brings balance into our lives and expresses both Yin and Yang energies—you need both to power the seesaw!

Be helpful. And accept help when you need it.

When you help others with joy and intention, it’s like getting a hit of oxygen or a B-12 shot—an instant energy boost. The action of helping is Yang energy. The Yin side of helping is being able to ask for help, and then accepting it. This can be difficult, but it’s also a habit that can be learned, to the benefit of all—you get the help you deserve, and your helper gets an energy boost.


I saved the hardest habit for last. We are notoriously bad at resting. Even on vacation, people pack their time off with a list of activities. Some people even brag about how little sleep they get (to the detriment of their bodies, minds, and spirits.) Feng shui reminds us to balance our environments. This includes your body. Balance your body by giving it a chance to rest and rejuvenate after a full day of work and play.

Repeat, and you’ll be livin’ la vida feng shui!




Don’t give up on 2020: Re-envision it! Take my vision board workshop live on Zoom, Sat. 7/25/20.

Re-envision 2020 by making a mid-year vision board.

I invite you to envision the second half of the year by joining me in a mid-year Zoom vision board workshop on Saturday, July 25 from 1 – 3 PM.

Why do a vision board right now?  Because the world needs people willing to envision a brighter future, a healthy citizenry, equality of access, a strengthened economy, an ability to travel far and wide (or to a local restaurant) and much, much more!

If you are ready to take some space and time from the other ways you are contributing during this unsettling time —  (I know you are working from home or office, teaching your kids, volunteering, protesting, donating time and money, wearing your mask, social distancing, and/or sheltering in place, and myriad other ways) — then now may be the time to spend some energy on self-care. When we care for ourselves, we have more energy to care for the world; when we change ourselves, we change the world.

One way to do that is to join me and create a new vision for the second half of 2020. The workshop is only $30. Sign up here.

This two-hour workshop will help you understand the power of vision boards, how to create one that works for you using the principles of feng shui, and how to activate your board daily. We’ll be together on Zoom with the Chat room for questions. We’ll take a couple of breaks because two hours is a long time.  There will be time to work on your board and I’ll reach out to each of you individually to answer any questions you have about the process and help you with your board. Even though you’ll be at home, I’ll still be right there with you.

This workshop is for you if you have:

Re-envision 2020 by making a mid-year vision board.
Re-envision 2020 by making a vision board to embrace the new normal.
  • already done a vision board and it doesn’t seem relevant to your life right now
  • started a board and never finished it
  • a desire to create a new vision for 2020 starting now
  • always wanted to create a vision board and have the time
  • no reason at all; just a desire to try this out.

For this workshop, we’ll be creating a physical board. Click here for a short video on what you’ll need. I’ll send you my handouts, after you sign up. And, bring an open heart and mind – that will help clarify your vision!

Contact me and I’ll be in touch with you – via email and a pre-workshop Zoom call — to make sure you know how to get started selecting images and are ready to envision the second half of 2020. Or sign up here.

Join me!

Feng shui tips for working at home during the Covid-19 pandemic

Feng shui reminds us to find balance in our work, in our lives and in our spaces to help us stay healthy – physically, mentally and emotionally. Today, during the Covid-19 pandemic upheaval, this is crucial. You can work from home productively, find time to enjoy yourself and get much needed rest to reset by following these feng shui tips. They work for those of you with dedicated home offices and those with temporary workspaces (like the dining table or the couch.)

Tip #1 Start the day with gratitude. 

Fresh flowers and an updated calendar keep the feng shui new year energy fresh in your office.
Write out what you’re grateful for. Gratitude kick starts prosperity!

Writing down what you’re grateful for and affirming what you want in life (in the present tense) is a powerful positive energy boost. Keep your list in notes on your phone, start a gratitude journal, or turn to someone in your home every day and say, “thank you.” In feng shui, gratitude kick starts prosperity.

Tip # 2 Identify your goals for working from home and set up your office to reach them.

  • Decide what you need to accomplish your goals – computer, pad, pencil, workspace, chair, light — and set your tools up in the place you designate as your office.  Or, place all items in a basket or tray that you can carry with you if you need to work from the dining room table or another sitting area. If working in a dining area, clear off items that are normally there for mealtime. Let this be a clear space for your work, or shared space for office and schoolwork. Energy flows where the eye goes: help your eyes to focus on your work wherever you set up.
  • Set your “office” hours and post them where you’ll see them (the refrigerator is perfect). These will probably have to be flexible and may be in set periods throughout the day. Don’t set yourself up for failure by thinking you’ll get 8 hours of work in. You probably won’t – but you don’t need to. Many studies have been done suggesting that 5 hours of work at home is the same as 8 hours of work at an office.

    Setting a schedule helps you feel in control.
  • De-clutter the area where you’ll be working. In feng shui, clutter equals stuck energy which is the opposite of what you need: flowing, positive energy moving in and around you while working. Put stuff in a laundry basket to clear off your space, then, at the end of the day, go through and clear out that basket. (After hours of not looking at it you’ll be able to tell what needs to be filed/put away, used or tossed.)

Tip # 3 Move or rearrange something in your dedicated home office.

This action signifies that your work life has changed, and your office will now reflect that. Moving furniture, art or accessories invites you to literally “see” things differently.

  • Place your desk in the “power” position, where you can see the door. If your desk has to be facing a wall, due to space constraints, place a small mirror next to your computer or in your workspace so you can see behind you without turning around. This command position helps you feel confident and powerful in your work.
  • Erase your white board or take everything off your bulletin board and start fresh – maybe with work goals, funny memes or inspirational quotes.
  • Change out lamps and/or artwork. Go “shopping” in your home for other art and accessories to switch out with.
  • If your home office is also the guest room, make it less guest-ready (no one is coming to visit right now). For example, if there is a Murphy Bed, fold it up. With a dedicated guest bed, you can change to a plain bedcover to lessen its visual impact on the space. If you need more space, push the bed against a wall. This is Your Office now.
  • Spray an essential oil mist or light a scented candle in your space to signify that it’s work time. Select something energizing, like citrus. The sense of smell is an energy trigger; put it to work for you.

Tip #4 Build a “work fort.”

For those of you with children at home and no dedicated workspace, this is an option to separate out your space with a physical barrier. You could also have “school forts” for your children while they’re doing their schoolwork if they need separation.

  • Use a cardboard trifold display board to create your “fort.”(These are often used for science fair projects and easy to purchase online.) It can be decorated on the outside by your kids, if you wish, while the inside is a place for you to post your work goals, affirmations or office hours. When the trifold is open and placed on your workspace (dining table or couch) you are in the “office” and at “work.” Conversely, when it’s folded and put away, work is done.

Tip #5  Drown out distractions with white noise.  

Even for those of us with dedicated offices, white noise can be essential. Use your phone and headphones and plug in to a Spotify white noise selection.

Tip #6  Clean off your desk, put your work supplies on your tray or in your basket and STOP working at the time you specify in your “office hours.” 

Breathe some fresh air every day!

Now it’s time to exercise, go outside, play with your kids, read a book, watch Netflix and relax.

Tip #7 Give yourself permission, and a schedule, to go online. 

 Use discretion with your news diet.

Tip #8 Go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time every morning.

This will help you get enough sleep and give you some structure. Whether you work Monday – Friday or some other schedule, take some days off every week. Structure helps us during this unsettling time by giving us some control over our lives.

Remember that this time of sheltering, and working, at home will end and a new normal is around the bend. Being flexible with work, rest and play now will help you to balance your life in the future.

Stay sane and safe!