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Category: Feng Shui elements

Feng shui Five Elements expressed uniquely at local arts festival

According to feng shui, everything in the world is comprised of five elements, usually in combination and always in a state of change. They are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and
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Trusting in the flow of life is pure Water Energy!

In Feng Shui balancing the elements in your environment can help you to achieve balance in your life. Contemplating what’s important and where you’re going is a good place to pause as the second month of the new year gets underway. The act of mediating, of thinking deeply, is an expression of Water energy.
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Feng Shui Metal Energy Helps with Clear Thinking

I’ve been writing about the Feng Shui elements as they express in our environments. Everything is made up these elements and their interaction and change is part of the flow of Feng Shui. This change is constant in our natural world. We can control the elements in our environment to support our wishes and goals. The principles of Feng Shui and the use of the elements help us to achieve those goals. This month’s Element is Metal.
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