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Category: Feng Shui for Real Estate

Feng Shui for Home Sellers — a workshop for anyone getting ready to sell their home

When people describe how they decided to buy their home, they usually say something like: “I just knew when I walked up that this was the place for me. When I walked in, it just felt right.” That feeling – of something striking the chord of “just right” -- is what Feng Shui is all about.
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Part 2: Are You Really Ready to Sell Your Home?

Part 2: You have walked through the first part of your Feng Shui Analysis to help you sell your home and you’ve been left with a tough assignment: to emotionally say good-bye to your house. If you’ve taken this step, however, your job of de-personalizing the house and staging it for the next owners will be much easier.
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Are you really ready to sell? A Real Estate Feng Shui analysis might help. Part 1

You’ve been thinking about putting your house on the market to see what will happen. You’re not sure if you really want to sell right now because of the market, but you want to know what it could sell for. You talk to a real estate agent who is an expert at pricing, comparing your home to the competition
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