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Category: Feng Shui Inspirations

Space clearing can include adding flowers to your home to freshen and brighten it.

Is it time for a space clearing or house blessing? Yes!

Recently I have been helping clients with space clearings and house blessing and farewell ceremonies for their homes as they prepare them for sale.  It is a reminder to everyone
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Your year ahead is an open road.

Interested in a feng shui retreat?

Looking for a weekend retreat where you can learn about feng shui and running a heart-centered, spirit-led business? Sedona Rocks! Retreat might be just right for you. Read on. I
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Who are you? Look to your stuff for the answer.

I remember when I was 18 my mother told me about a workshop she’d attended on “consciousness raising.” She explained the exercises they went through and one that was particularly
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Feng shui before and after: the “room of doom.”

You probably have one—a closet, a desktop, a room—the spot you shy away from, the place you hate to walk past, the door you don’t open unless you must. In
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Create a 2016 Vision Board using Feng Shui

As you’re cleaning your home for family visits and putting up holiday decorations, I invite you to cull old magazines, maps, calendars, travel brochures, postcards, and picture books and save
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wedding feng shui

A warehouse decorated for a wedding inspires thoughts of Feng Shui.

The decoration of the warehouse for my nephew’s wedding was an apt reminder of how we, too, can start fresh -- turn a space into exactly what we need and want. Feng Shui gives us the tools and guidelines – and inspiration -- to do it.
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