Who doesn’t need a little boost in the Love Department?  Practically all of us do and with Feng Shui, it’s easy.  Whether you’re looking for love, nurturing new love, or energizing mature love, you can use Feng Shui to create some energy around your goal.

Feng Shui is based on three important beliefs:  all things are alive with energy, all things are connected and all things are constantly changing.  We take these beliefs and use them in practical ways to create the lives we want.  Hence, we move things around in our physical lives (e.g., artwork, furniture, bikes, lamps that are alive with energy) to impact our emotional lives.   We are connected to our things and our spaces and we can change them around.  When it comes to enhancing love, Feng Shui gives us lots of options.

Two hearts equal love

Here are a just a few ideas:

  • Place things in twos around your home to remind you of your “coupledom” – it can be two candles on a mantelpiece; two vases with flowers on your table, two ceramic figures on a shelf, two chairs by the fireplace, two birdhouses in a tree.  You get my drift here:  the intention is two and the physical space holds two.
  • What if you’re not currently in a relationship?  Do the above anyway – if your intention is being in a relationship.
  • Look around your space and make sure that there is room for two – e.g., two bedside tables in your master bedroom, two stools at the bar, space for two in your closet.  Sometimes clients will tell me that they want to be in a relationship and their home is so packed with stuff there’s no room for another person.
  • Love is supported by the Fire element – use the colors of fire (reds and oranges), the shape of the pyramid, photos of your loved one and animal prints to spice things up.
  • When using the bagua, Feng Shui’s treasure map of your space, you’ll find the Love & Marriage area of your home in the upper right hand corner from your front door.   The Love & Marriage area is also supported by the Earth element – earth-toned colors, the shape of the square or rectangle and things made of earth, such as ceramics.   Two terra cotta birds sitting on a windowsill would work well here and here’s why:  you’d be using animals (Fire element) in a pair (two), made of earth, in an earthy color sitting in a rectangular window (Earth element x 3)!
  • When laying the bagua remember that all areas under the roofline belong inside it, which means for many homes there is an attached garage in one of the bagua areas.   I know what this is like because in my home, the Love & Marriage area is in my attached garage!  In order to enhance this area I keep it very de-cluttered (no stuck energy), and we’ve hung our bicycles and fiery orange kayaks on the wall together.

With Feng Shui, there is always more than one way to change or enhance a space and you can usually use what you have on hand!  It’s simple to try, so boost up your love energy during the month of February and enjoy the good vibes.  Happy Feng Shui Valentine’s Day!

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