Get your broom and sweep out last year’s energy and any ill-fortune that may be lurking because the New Year is approaching, fast! Welcome in new energy along with prosperity, happiness and longevity at the start of Chinese New Year on Thursday, February 3rd. Chinese New Year is the longest and most important festival in the Chinese Lunisolar Calendar.  The festival begins on the 1st day of the first month in the traditional Chinese calendar and ends 15 days later.

Celebrations vary widely throughout the world but often include fireworks and parades.  During the celebration, people may buy presents, food and decorations, including red paper cut-outs to decorate their doors and windows. In Feng Shui, the color red represents Fire energy – this energy brings action, welcomes prosperity, and invites energy and livens up any space. On the morning of the New Year, children wish their parents Happy New Year and are often given money in red envelopes. In addition to the fun and gifts, this is a time of year to reflect on the year before, forget grudges and start fresh.

Year of the Rabbit decorations at the Bellagio Conservatory.
Year of the Rabbit decorations at the Bellagio Conservatory.

The Chinese New Year is named for one of the animals in the Chinese zodiac.  This year, 2011, is the Year of the Rabbit – a time to slow down, catch your breath and calm your nerves.  It’s a time to focus on a safe and peaceful lifestyle so you can deal with any problem that arises.

I recently visited Las Vegas where I was surprised and delighted to see preparations for the Chinese New Year outside along Las Vegas Boulevard (the “Strip”) and inside the Bellagio Casino.  What fun to see so many beautiful decorations in celebrating the Rabbit!  All the Feng Shui elements were there, especially Fire:  horses, rabbits, red sails and red flowers (Fire), gold coins (Metal), yellow pansies and a wooden tea house, (Wood and Earth), a junk in a beautiful pond (Water) and so many lovely red lanterns (more Fire.)  Check out my Facebook page for all the photos of the Chinese New Year celebration at the Bellagio.

For anyone who wants a do-over for those resolutions made last month, Chinese New Year this week gives you the time to re-assess and re-commit!

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