The purpose of using the tools of Feng Shui in our environments is to make them safe, comfortable places of dynamic harmony. Our homes and workplaces are meant to nurture, protect and support our growth and movement through life.  Our environments can support our desires – this is particularly important during the hectic holidays. Following is an action plan for how to make your home help you achieve your goals. The Feng Shui principle is underlined; the action is in bold.

Use the things you love and get rid of the rest!

Energy flows where the eye goes. Does your eye go to that pile of mail on the dining room table?  Or the shoes kicked under the bench in the hall by the door? Declutter. Find a place for everything and put everything in its place.

Energy also flows where the eye can’t see! Clean out your fridge, pantry and coat closet. This is a perfect opportunity to take canned goods to the Food Bank. Check to see if you have everything on hand to make the holiday treats your family loves.  Get rid of old coats to make room in your closet to hang your guests’ coats – plus, donate to a great cause like the coat collection at Dependable Cleaners!

Make room for the new! Remove some items from the rooms where you’re decorating. Why layer on your holiday décor when you can make it the focal point? Get rid of something to make room for the new gifts! Involve the kids. Do they want a new doll or truck?  See if it’s time to give away a toy before a new one arrives.

Live with what you love and get rid of the rest! As you prepare to decorate your home for the holidays, look at what you’re putting up and decide if you love it; if not, let it go. It’s ok to get rid of the reindeer cookie jar you never liked.

Everything is alive with energy, connected and changing. Lift the energy for your holiday party; cleanse the space afterwards. A simple way to lift the energy in the room before a party is to clap in the corners or spritz with some lemon scent mixed with water. A beautiful bowl of sea salt placed in the center of your table at the end of a party will help to still the energy afterwards.

Work, rest, play. Rest is as important as work and play. Make sure your bedroom supports total relaxation. Don’t let your bedroom become the holiday wrapping room, or place where everything gets stored until you put it way later!  This should be a place of peace and quiet and contemplation– you deserve this!

All my best wishes for a peaceful, bountiful holiday

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