This round silver tray and tea set enhance Metal energy!

I’ve been writing about the Feng Shui elements as they express in our environments.  Everything is made up these elements and their interaction and change is part of the flow of Feng Shui.  This change is constant in our natural world.  We can control the elements in our environment to support our wishes and goals.  The principles of Feng Shui and the use of the elements help us to achieve those goals.  The Five Elements of Feng Shui are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.  They are listed in this order to show how the Elements “feed” and support the next, for example, Fire makes Earth.  We know this to be true as we see the ash when the fire cools.  Earth, when pressed down, makes Metal.  Metal, when molded, holds Water.  And, Water, is essential for plant growth, or Wood.  What feeds a fire?  Wood, of course; and the circle is complete.  Just as the elements can support each other, they can also be used to control each other when one element overwhelms.  This month’s Element is Metal. 

Metal energy is expressed in our environments as objects, as a shape and a color.  Of course, it makes sense that metal energy would be expressed in metal objects – those made from iron, gold, silver, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and chrome.  So, yes, your stainless steel refrigerator holds metal energy.  Many stones also express as metal – diamonds, granite, travertine, turquoise, quartz and marble are some examples.   Metal energy is also expressed in the shape of the circle, sphere, oval or arch.  Lastly, metal energy is seen and felt in white, grays and pale colors.

What does metal energy do for us?  How does it make us feel in our environments?  Let me give you an example:  imagine walking under a large marble arch into space with pale stone walls and a marble floor and rounded windows.  Yes, you are in a church – a perfect example of metal energy.  Metal energy relates to the intellect and to inward movement and deep understanding.  Most churches have a lot of metal energy which supports the purpose of the space ideally.  Metal energy is organized, it’s focused, structured, logical; it follows rules and laws.  Too much metal can be overly disciplined, rigid and rule bound, though.  What controls too much metal energy?  Fire does – as it melts metal.  Many churches have red cushions on their pews as well as using candles in their services – a perfect way to control overwhelming metal energy which allows congregants to relax in the space. 

What about too little metal energy?  That creates resistance to authority and rules, makes us feel scattered and disorganized.  Imagine a wooden desk (wood object) covered with paper (made from wood pulp)?  Now place that desk in an office with wood floors, a tall tree in the corner and wood shelves.  Metal energy can be used to cut this wood energy:  a metal in/out basket for the papers, a large round white floor lamp arching over the desk, a pale, round rug underneath and possibly a shorter plant!   Get the idea?  We can use the elements to balance our spaces.

Soon it will be time to talk about some Feng shui tips for the holidays!    Until then, I’ll be working on the Sudoku every night sitting at my round, white kitchen table – I can use all the mental help I can get from my Metal energy!

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