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It’s February and it’s time for you to focus some LOVE on your . . . Home.  I’m not talking about de-cluttering or organizing. (Always a good idea, though.)   I’m talking about all those areas of your home that you’ve been ignoring or neglecting.  Valentine’s Day is coming and you can give the gift of time and attention to one of those hard-working, day-in and day-out supporter spaces in your home.  You know what I’m talking about:  the kitchen pantry; the mudroom; the landing on the way up or down stairs; the blank wall begging for artwork; the entry hall table; the formal living or dining room that never gets used.  We are wired to prioritize and when it comes to our homes, sometimes that’s not such a good idea.  In fact, making one space more (or less) important than another led to one of the worst ideas in home décor ever – plastic-coated furniture in the formal living room so it will stay nice for the guests (and spills won’t stain.)

Say Happy Valentine’s Day to your home with these chocolates!

Even though most of us probably don’t do that, we do inadvertently place levels of importance on our spaces.  Sometimes we ignore them because they are behind closed doors (the pantry, any closet), or are pass-by places (the mudroom, the entry way table and the spot on the way up and down the stairs).  Sometimes we ignore a space because we think it will take too much work (hanging art on that blank wall).   And sometimes we neglect spaces because we’ve relegated them for special occasions (the formal living and dining rooms) and then we don’t plan any.

In Feng Shui there is no hierarchy of spaces.  They are all equally important in balancing, harmonizing, simplifying and beautifying our lives. Your home is your sanctuary, your personal paradise.  Every space is for your use and enjoyment. Your life is the special occasion worth celebrating in this space.  So this Valentine’s Day, focus on one of those ignored or neglected spaces in your home.  Clean out the pantry and enjoy cooking that’s easier and faster.  Organize the mudroom and find boots, gloves and hats in no time.  Hang a beautiful piece of artwork on that blank wall.  Throw a party in the formal living room. Champagne doesn’t stain!

In this month when we focus on love, buy some flowers (for the entry table) and candy (put it in a beautiful dish) for that very special place in your life:  your home.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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