Have you been knocked for a loop lately? It’s happened to all of us and when it happens to me, I go back to the basics of Feng Shui. The basic philosophy of Feng Shui reminds me that all things are alive with energy, all things are connected and all things are changing. Feng Shui gives us practical tools for living in harmony with our environment so we can feel safe and secure. When we feel this way our nervous systems relax and we truly rest our bodies, minds and spirits – a much needed respite when life has given us a serving of stress.

Feng Shui’s practical suggestions give you something to do.  Some of the easiest to-do list items are to de-clutter and re-organize. Get rid of things you don’t need, put the things you do need in their proper place and identify new items you may need to support you in your current challenge.

For example, looking at job loss from a Feng Shui perspective and assuming you’re looking for work from home, identify a space at home which functions as your Career Center and is equipped with those things you need to help you land your new job. Whether it’s a corner of a room or an entire office, this space has one purpose and that is to give you the confidence and the tools to help you find your next endeavor. It is not the place where kids do homework and it’s not the place to pay bills.  Preferably, it’s not even shared. It features your favorite mug, your favorite pencil or pen, but not the leftovers from the school supply closet. On the walls it features any framed certificates of graduation or celebration or achievement from your life and your favorite piece of art. Keep the desk or tabletop clear except for those things you’re working on and something to make you smile. Try a two-tiered light fixture – one shining down for task lighting and one shining up to open your world to new possibilities. Spend time in your new space to energize it and on a nice day open the window. Relish your new environment and let it help you on the outside, while you do the inner work of finding a new job.

Home office set up next to TV room

 Did you know that being “knocked for a loop” is an adage coined from cartoons – when the bully (think Brutus) knocks the little guy (think Popeye before his spinach) and he rolls right into a ball after the punch (the loop). Using Feng Shui to help you is like Popeye’s big helping of spinach!  You will land on your feet. Now, go get ‘em!

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