The five elements of Feng Shui play out wherever we are  – whether we’re at home or traveling and staying in new places.  They make up the energy of everything – both yin and yang. The elements are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood and are expressed in a variety of ways.   In places where the elements are balanced, we feel more relaxed; we let our guard down; we allow ourselves to explore new feelings and new ways of being.  We’re open – not defensive.  A place that brings us balance   is the kind of place we often choose for vacation – a place to fill up with renewing energy so that we can return to work and go about our business of living.

I am on vacation as I write this and thinking about the balance of the places I choose to rekindle and support my energy.  I have found the perfect place and I wonder if you can guess where I am when I explain the elements I needed to balance my life.  The Fire element is expressed in all things electronic, lighting, fireplaces, all things made from animals (leather and fur, for example) , the shape of pyramids and . . . people.  Earth element is expressed with earth – adobe, tile, brick, the shape of squares and rectangles and the color yellow and gold and brown.  The Metal element is expressed with all things made of metal – gold and silver, aluminum, steel, and stone – granite, marble, slate.  Also the shape of the circle, arch or dome and the color white and light pastels.   Wood is the element of trees and plants and all things made from plants – such as cloth.  It is expressed in the shape of the column and the colors of green and blue.   Water is an element that also expresses as itself – water – and also in things that reflect, like mirrors and glass/windows.  Its colors are dark ones – black and dark grays and blues and its shape is asymmetrical and wavy.  Each of the elements balances each other by enhancing or controlling its mirror element.  An easy way to remember this is:  as Fire burns it creates ash (Earth), as Earth presses down it creates Metal, shaped Metal holds Water, Water is needed to grow Wood, and Wood feeds Fire.  This is the enhancing cycle of the elements.  The elements can control each other, too:  Water douses Fire, Fire melts Metal, Metal cuts Wood, Wood takes nutrients from the Earth, and Earth dams Water.  These are two of the ways the elements can be used to change an environment.

So if you work with computers in some way and with people – your job may be to help people solve problems.  This describe a lot of jobs :  if you work in a shop; if you’re an assistant or a manager; if you work in a school or other non-profit.  Your job brings you in contact with  a lot of Fire energy on a daily basis.  I know many of us work with a lot of Fire energy – and what is the anecdote to too much Fire energy?  Water, of course.

Can you guess where I am?  I am controlling my daily routine, my  Fire- energized environment by spending vacation time at  the ocean.  What a balm to my soul is this water energy!   Splashing and swimming in it; laying down beside it, smelling it, watching it – all things to douse the Fire energy of my busy life.

And will I tire of this?  It’s hard to imagine now, but yes, I know I’ll soon wish to be back to the routine that I truly love and my beautiful, landlocked Colorado; my home. See you soon.

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