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Looking for a weekend retreat where you can learn about feng shui and running a heart-centered, spirit-led business? Sedona Rocks! Retreat might be just right for you. Read on.

I love it when clients and workshop attendees ask how they can get started to learn more about feng shui, becoming a practitioner or adding feng shui to their skill set as an interior designer or other environmental or energy healer. I send them to the Western School of Feng Shui for information on the certification program, to read the blog and join us on our public Facebook page. And, of course, I give them a list of my favorite books (under the last question in the FAQ).

Now, I have something additional to offer: a Western School of Feng Shui weekend retreat open to heart-centered, spirit-led entrepreneurs and potential business owners to connect with other like-minded feng shui practitioners and environmental and energy healers!

Women at retreat
Women connecting at a retreat.

Sedona Rocks! Retreat

Sedona Rocks! Retreat is happening June 1 – 3, 2018 at Las Posadas of Sedona in Sedona, AZ. This 2 ½ day retreat includes content-rich workshops on running a feng shui practice or other heart-centered, spirit-led business practice, time to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs or would-be practitioners, shared meals, yoga and hiking in a beautiful setting. Tuition is $547 and includes all workshops and evening programs, Friday night reception, Saturday night dinner, and daily snacks.

Interested? Let’s talk! Contact me directly to learn more, or 303.882.7275.


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