Space clearing can include adding flowers to your home to freshen and brighten it.

Recently I have been helping clients with space clearings and house blessing and farewell ceremonies for their homes as they prepare them for sale.  It is a reminder to everyone how connected we are to our spaces; how we love them and they, in turn, shelter, protect and express who we are at our deepest levels, even if we are not aware of the relationship!  A space clearing and house blessing ceremony brings that important relationship to the forefront and the ceremony is profound — for all of us.  Space clearings can be done for many reasons, however, and they are always a great idea when change is approaching, happening or happened — which, honestly, is just about all the time!

Space clearings and house blessings are part of many traditions around the world. They involve physically cleaning the space, setting loving intentions and choosing the clearing and blessing tools that resonate with the participants. Space clearing and blessing ceremonies honor and embrace all spiritual and religious belief systems and can include the specific prayers, symbols and rituals that are meaningful to the participants.

Space clearing and House Blessing ceremonies are often done for the following:  

Prior to putting your home on the market for sale. This powerful ceremony has resulted in creating action for my clients – offers and contracts.

Moving into a new home or office. This space clearing ceremony is an auspicious way of clearing the space of the energy of the “old” homeowners or office dwellers and introducing the new owners to the space. This is sometimes done when there is negative energy felt at the closing of the sale.

Before and after the arrival of a child, the leaving of a child for college or other endeavors, parties of any kind – engagement, marriage, holiday and birthday celebrations.

Spring cleaning or at any equinox change.  (At the time of this posting our summer equinox is just around the corner!)

Space clearing can include adding flowers to your home to freshen and brighten it.

Illness, trauma, an accident, argument, divorce, foreclosure or death.

It is such an honor to work with my clients to help them create their own personal ceremonies. Each one is unique and offers a profound release.  Recently I was interviewed by Aly Semigran of The Lucky Blog, a nutrition and healthy living blog, on how to cleanse negative energy from a home.  Read more here to get some additional ideas on how you can do it, too!

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