Incorporate these feng shui habits—all expressions of yin and yang energy—into your daily routine and enjoy a balanced lifestyle. Or, as I like to call it, la vida feng shui! Yin and yang can be explained as equal and counterbalanced forces that make up chi, the life force energy that exists in all things. They are equally important, can’t exist without the other, and work well together, like good partners, to create wholeness and balance. When we balance these two energies within ourselves and our worlds, we can live a more harmonious life.

Be clear on what you want and let your actions take you there.

A powerful way to clarify and remind yourself of what is important to you is to create a vision board, a big-picture view (literally, a collage of pictures) of your dreams and goals. Looking inward to discover your deepest desires is an expression of Yin energy. Taking outward action to realize your goals expresses Yang energy.

Take care of yourself before taking care of others.

Meditating supports a balanced lifestyle.

This is the same thing as putting on your own oxygen mask first. Meditate, eat breakfast, exercise, write in your journal—do whatever it is every day that nurtures your body, mind, and spirit, and give yourself the gift of time to make it a habit. Everyone else you care for or connect with—your family, clients, neighbors, and fellow drivers on the road—will benefit from your caring for yourself (Yin energy) in preparation for helping others (Yang energy).

Dancers represent yin and yang energy in a balanced lifestyle.

Take stock and be grateful.

Take stock of your blessings, small and large. Being grateful expresses Yin energy. Showing your gratitude in ways that are meaningful to you is a powerful expression of Yang energy. When we are grateful, we open the window of opportunity. I like to think of gratitude and prosperity as dancing partners: taking turns leading and following to create a harmonious dance.

Show up. And make sure that what you’re doing aligns with your values.

Whether it’s to your job, a volunteer position, or helping a family member, if you’ve made a commitment, follow through on it. This is feng shui Yang energy expressed as action powered by your integrity (Yin energy).

Express yourself; e.g., play!

Cooking can be a form of play, so important for a balanced lifestyle.

Dance, make music, create art, write, play golf, cook, read, puzzle, knit—whatever your creative outlet, make time for it and enjoy it without judgment. Creativity is the mind at play, and without it we can become dulled, robotic worker bees (which is an insult to bees). Play brings balance into our lives and expresses both Yin and Yang energies—you need both to power the seesaw!

Be helpful. And accept help when you need it.

When you help others with joy and intention, it’s like getting a hit of oxygen or a B-12 shot—an instant energy boost. The action of helping is Yang energy. The Yin side of helping is being able to ask for help, and then accepting it. This can be difficult, but it’s also a habit that can be learned, to the benefit of all—you get the help you deserve, and your helper gets an energy boost.


I saved the hardest habit for last. We are notoriously bad at resting. Even on vacation, people pack their time off with a list of activities. Some people even brag about how little sleep they get (to the detriment of their bodies, minds, and spirits.) Feng shui reminds us to balance our environments. This includes your body. Balance your body by giving it a chance to rest and rejuvenate after a full day of work and play.

Repeat, and you’ll be livin’ la vida feng shui!




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