I know that this month the parking lot will be full at the fitness club.  All the people who resolved to work-out to lose weight and be healthy will be there and that’s a good thing.  I applaud them and anyone who begins a new regime because there is powerful energy in beginnings.  We save January to start that project because there is just something about this month that inspires the grand gesture.  So here’s my suggestion for a grand gesture to begin and you don’t even have to go out into the cold to get started:  put your house on work-out schedule to lose weight:  clean out your closets, your storage shed, and your garage.

A few months back I invited you to start small – clean out a desk drawer.  If you did that, I hope you found that button you had been missing, a spare $20 and maybe even your grandmother’s recipe for strudel.  As our new year dawns I’m recommending a larger project that will change the energy of your space from the inside out.  Cleaning your closets and other storage spaces can change the energy of your entire home.  How can that be?  Feng Shui is very democratic – there are no spaces more important than others; all are of equal value; all deserve equal attention.    Clutter on the kitchen table clogs energy as much as clutter in your linen closet.  And, just like a weight loss or strength and energy building plan for your body this project for your house will take time and commitment.

Make a plan:  pick a closet or storage area to clean and put a date in your calendar.  Get the tools you need and use them, for example, three boxes marked: 

1)      Keep

2)      Throw away, give away and/or sell

3)      Can’t decide

Several organizations pick up gently used items at least once a month here in our neighborhood; the next time they call and ask if you have any items say, YES!   Your local animal shelter would love to receive old towels and blankets for their kennels.  My local library welcomes boxes of books for their annual book sale.  If you’ve never tried Craig’s List to sell items of value, this is the time to try. Uploading photos really helps to sell items and it’s easy to get started by just going to www.craigslist.com.  (We sold a ping pong table in a day.  I took photos at 10 a.m., we looked at the price of used tables and priced ours accordingly; we posted our table, got a call 20 minute later and sold it that afternoon.)   

Take before and after photos of your closets and post them on your fridge to stay inspired.  Work-out with a friend and help each other clean – your trash could be there treasure, or, and this is more likely, your treasure may really be trash and you just need a friend to tell you.   Think of this project as a  “Biggest Loser Contest” for your house, with you as the winner.   

Your house will feel lighter; energy will flow more freely, and new things will come into your life since you’ve literally made room for them.  And that’s a great way to start your new year!

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