Truly amazing!

We had Lorrie come in and do a full consultation for us on our home. It was truly amazing how much insight she gave us on how to create flow in our home. Because of how our home was built the “Wealth and Prosperity” area of the Bagua on our house layout was outside in the backyard. Lorrie recommended that we bury a quartz crystal with the point up in the order to “anchor” that part of the house because money was flowing out. We immediately did as she instructed and within a month or so my husband bought out his partner, his patent came through on his equipment and our financial situation grew more and more rapidly. The drastic change our of financial situation was so obvious that my husband couldn’t deny it as chance. He firmly believes it had to do with the anchoring of the crystal! Our business has grown leaps and bounds since then and we even sold that house and made a very nice profit off of it! Comments we had on our home from potential buyers/and the actual buyers was that it was ‘cozy, warm and welcoming’. We have recently moved into a new home and had another consultation with Lorrie and because we followed her recommendations we could immediately feel a difference in our home. Every suggestion she gave we have done and both of us are amazed, yet again on how it changes the energy in the house! I highly recommend Lorrie to everyone and we look forward to her direction once again when we get to our forever home.

Rachel & Matthew
Homeowners and Repeat Clients

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