Intuitive, thorough and the absolute best!

The WSFS format is intuitive, thorough, and the absolute best pace for those seeking Practitioner certifications while leading full lives. Lorrie Grillo has an effortless way of translating content, theory and application in a safe and comfortable virtual environment. This really allowed our class to grow creatively in a day-to-day setting while establishing our foundational knowledge. Great fun for sure!

I am thrilled with the results of the course, the available resources, outstanding instruction and coaching, as well as a more positive, ongoing flow of my outlook since the 14-day Boot Camp.
                                                                 Thank you, Lorrie and WSFS!
Megan H., student in the Fast-Track EFS Training Program (April 2024) 

You are such a great teacher!

It was such a blessing and privilege to have this session with you. I loved our classes (during this past 2-weeks) and each time I looked at the time, the hour had passed so quickly. I’m very passionate about Feng Shui, and you definitely communicated that passion, too. You are such a great teacher!

Julia K., student in the Fast-Track EFS Training Program March 2023 (Spain)


I cannot recommend Lorrie Grillo and her work as Thriving Spaces highly enough.

She’s helped me with my home three times over a number of years. Lucky me! The difference in my house, and in the spirit and energy here, has been transformative.

Let me give a couple of examples. I had a bedroom set that I just hated, but felt too guilty to exchange for something I loved. Lorrie gave me “permission,” if you will, to rehome this set for something that I would love. Now I have a beautiful bedroom in which I am happy and content, and the expense was minimal. At the same appointment, we walked through the basement, a space where my daughter had lived and left in a condition that felt overwhelming to improve. This was a space that I avoided, and that made me grind my teeth whenever I had to go down there! Lorrie explained how this lower level created energy that affected the rest of the house. With her encouragement, I had the inspiration and physical and mental energy to take on this rather large project. Now I have a lovely new space and I can feel the difference in the whole house. This was something that was not even on my radar, but Lorrie understood what was happening and helped me transform this negative space into an area that now makes me happy and proud every time I go down there.

Lorrie is inspiring, and her work and ideas are highly effective. She is non-judgmental, kind, and compassionate. She does not expect you to go out and buy expensive new furniture for your home. Almost all the changes I have made after a few visits with Lorrie involved moving pieces, making inexpensive changes, and reusing pieces that had been banished to the storage room! If you want to improve your home, your money will be much better spent by working with Lorrie and Thriving Spaces, rather than buying new furniture or redecorating without the input of Lorrie and her deep understanding of Feng Shui. Every penny is money well spent.

With Lorrie’s help, every space of my house is now my home and reflects the real “me”. I cannot say enough good things about Lorrie. You will be so glad and grateful that you worked with her.

Jenine Jensen, November 2021

There are not enough stars to represent my rating of Lorrie Grillo and her design and Feng Shui expertise.

I first reached out when I moved into a new home Colorado in 2011. Lorrie came to my home and showed me what I could do to make my new home a better place. Afterwards, I attended one of her classes which again was invaluable. Now, that I moved to New Mexico, Lorrie stepped up again to give me invaluable advice about my new home. She researched my new home and found a similar property which was invaluable in communicating via Zoom. I was about to embark on very expensive upgrades and she showed me how I could make the right changes now and postpone other, more expensive changes, until I am certain. I now feel confident that my new home will become the best place for me.

Lorrie has considerable experience in addition to excellent training. She can help you if you live in Colorado or anywhere. Don’t hesitate to contact her. I can assure you that you will be grateful as I am.

Diane Franzen, September 2021

You are truly a great writer with valuable skills to offer your reader.

I wanted to let you know that I finished your book a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. It was an insightful read! You are truly a great writer with valuable skills to offer your reader. This book, Yin Yang and Prosper, is organized well, and delivers useful information to start and run a business successfully. I find myself wondering if Feng shui is more of a lifestyle than a design tool but perhaps both. I especially liked the section of clutter as stuck energy. My clutter is in my bedroom so I have been tidying up ever since I read your advice and can notice the difference in sleep and relationships.

P.S. One of my former students bought your book to help him launch his new massage career.😀

Rhys Webb, Massage Practitioner and Teacher

This is an important investment for my career and my ongoing quality of life.

I was dealing with major life changes: divorce, a new home and starting a business. With a few key changes and her gentle wisdom, Lorrie helped me feel grounded, confident, and serene. This was an important investment for my career and my ongoing quality of life.

Melissa Ramsdell, MS, BSN, RN, CEO of Ramsdell Health Writing, LLC

You are an amazing teacher/presenter.

I wanted to thank you so much for the vision board workshop! You are such an amazing teacher/presenter. Thanks again for your work and touching people in a way that is so relevant and needed especially during this pandemic.

Wishing you all the best!

Kathy Vail

You have been a treasure to our conference.

October 10, 2020

Dear Lorrie,

Thank you so very much for your incredible presentations at our 24th annual international conference. Our attendees were so inspired and excited after both your keynote and workshop. Tonight, during our executive board meeting 2 of my colleagues shared how they were implementing the Bagua and making adjustments in their homes. You have started a movement within our community, and I can’t wait to learn of the results!

You have been a treasure to our conference, and it has been such a privilege and delight to meet and work with you.

On behalf of our Board of Directors, conference committee and attendees, I wish to share our deepest gratitude.

                                                                                                                                                                      Blessings and Light, Lisa
Lisa Anselme, Executive Director, Healing Beyond Borders

The report is fantastic and we are implementing your suggestions quickly.

Thank you SO much for the consultation and making our home even better!  We started making positive changes in the hours after your help.  Our house is improved not only in feng shui ways, but also functionally in terms of “common sense” suggestions that we just never realized. We weren’t sure of how a virtual consultation would go (due to pandemic precautions), but found that it was extremely useful. You have a very keen eye, even over FaceTime, and really know your stuff!!  We are left with much gratitude for your insight, thoroughness, and really relevant recommendations. The report is fantastic and we are implementing your suggestions quickly.

Paul and Mia
Remote Feng Shui home consultation, June 2020

She’s been hired for her dream job!

Testimonial test: She has been hired for her dream job!

Fernando and Anastasia
Feng Shui home consultation, May 2020

Already we can feel the new energy coming in.

Already we can feel the new energy coming in …. and we look forward to implementing the other changes. Since we will be spending lots of time at home this feels like the perfect time to set our home up in such a nurturing and supportive way. Many Blessings and Gratitude to You,

Elizabeth and Rob
Metro Denver remote feng shui clients, March 2020

Thank you for a phenomenal day!


Thank you for a phenomenal day!!  I so appreciated your calm, organized presence, gentle support, clarity and inspiration.  The positive feedback has started to roll in and I’m feeling so grateful for what we created.   Private Vision Board workshop

Heather B.
Realtor and Private Vision Board workshop sponsor

You are truly amazing at what you do!

Text testimonial from client

You made a huge difference!

I want to thank you from the bottom of my little Feng Shui heart for all the support, information and kindness you shared with me at the Sedona Rocks Workshop. It was a fabulous three days of learning and sharing. To say you inspired me would be gross understatement. I was so energized when I got home I organized my immediate MUST DO  list and have been checking off my task daily. I have completed several appointments and have been signing up to present Feng Shui Talks/Workshops were I have been invited….three so far…YEA!!! Thank you so much for sharing your business knowledge and guidance. YOU made a huge difference in my Feng Shui business and I cannot thank you enough, I promise you!

Katrina W.
Feng Shui practitioner & Workshop attendee

Things are moving!

I just have to tell you: after you left I took a nap and then went to work on having fun making changes based on your input, the info on the Bagua and elements you left, and my intuition. I didn’t do it unless I felt fun and or desire. And I moved my bed but with mindfulness thanks to you! Slept great! Still going to get the headboard. Feels like self-honoring.

This morning I got a call from a client I worked with for 2 years and have been wondering why I haven’t heard from her as we were doing great work together and she was definitely not finished meeting her goals. She wants to come in regularly again and is eager to get started again. I see her tomorrow. Woohoo! And I got a new contract for team building work that I just love to do yesterday! Things are moving.

Also, I could feel your intuitive sense in your work yesterday. And I felt your sublime sensing when was and wasn’t a good time to nudge me in the direction of shift/change or not. You are definitely gifted at this. And there’s so much more I loved about what you gave me yesterday. Thank you!

Jamie B.

It worked!

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you so much for performing the House Blessing/Gratitude and Farewell ceremony. It was a beautiful ceremony and I think it worked.  We received our first offer this last Saturday!  Thank you again!!

Dyllan,  Realtor

Truly amazing!

We had Lorrie come in and do a full consultation for us on our home. It was truly amazing how much insight she gave us on how to create flow in our home. Because of how our home was built the “Wealth and Prosperity” area of the Bagua on our house layout was outside in the backyard. Lorrie recommended that we bury a quartz crystal with the point up in the order to “anchor” that part of the house because money was flowing out. We immediately did as she instructed and within a month or so my husband bought out his partner, his patent came through on his equipment and our financial situation grew more and more rapidly. The drastic change our of financial situation was so obvious that my husband couldn’t deny it as chance. He firmly believes it had to do with the anchoring of the crystal! Our business has grown leaps and bounds since then and we even sold that house and made a very nice profit off of it! Comments we had on our home from potential buyers/and the actual buyers was that it was ‘cozy, warm and welcoming’. We have recently moved into a new home and had another consultation with Lorrie and because we followed her recommendations we could immediately feel a difference in our home. Every suggestion she gave we have done and both of us are amazed, yet again on how it changes the energy in the house! I highly recommend Lorrie to everyone and we look forward to her direction once again when we get to our forever home.

Rachel & Matthew
Homeowners and 
Repeat Clients

A huge difference!

We are well on our way to making ALL of the changes you recommended. Have shifted paintings around, rearranged Mark’s (Ruth’s) bedroom, brought up silver tray for behind stove, added small rug in entrance area of master bedroom, and continue to check things off the list… New bed and dining room chair cushions will take a little time. BUT already the energy is flowing better and things feel fresher and newer. Thank you for sharing your wonderful wisdom with us. This is so fun and satisfying and we both loved you walking us through our house and pointing out little things that make a huge difference.

Paul & Susan

You transformed our lives!

The past few days have been so fun and uplifting working on my vision board. It is now front and center in my walk-in closet, where I will take in its powerful images two or three times a day! It feels really good! Thank you so much for the magical, inspiring workshop. I do believe you transformed our lives with your wisdom and clarity. You are so skilled at guiding this process. Just loved it!

Workshop Hostess and Attendee

Amazing and exciting — my life shifted and changed!

I had the pleasure of having Lorrie Grillo conduct a Feng Shui consultation at my home in Stapleton. I was so impressed with the format of her presentation, materials and explanation of her process. She made it very easy to understand and follow. Once Lorrie explained the process, we walked thru my home and she made suggestions on how I could utilize the space, furniture items and layout, small additions to my décor, and she addressed the overall energy flow of my home. We even walked around the outside! The amazing and most exciting part about our meeting happened after our visit. I can clearly tell you that things in my life shifted and changed and many of goals came to fruition. My love relationship grew and got stronger. We were engaged within six months of my meeting with Lorrie. My business took off and I had the best year of my real estate career in 2015. I finished the basement in my house and moved forward with several projects I had thought about for years (and of course the basement has the elements of Feng Shui included). This is just a few examples of the specific changes I saw after I had a Feng Shui session with Lorrie.

Overall, I can’t say enough about my time with Lorrie and her overall knowledge of the Feng Shui concepts. Not to mention the overall caring you feel she has for her clients and evident love of her work!

Thank you Lorrie. I look forward to our next session and ‘tweaking’ of my living and workspace!

Homeowner and Repeat Client

A relaxed approach for our daily lives!

Thank you so much for your time today acquainting us/me with feng shui, using the Bagua Map approach. I enjoyed how you walked us through the steps of understanding space and how to use it in our daily lives. I’ll use the Bagua Map you provided and see how it works for me. Your explanations today created a relaxed approach and eliminated the “fear” of not doing feng shui right!
Thanks again and hope to come to another workshop in the future.

Workshop attendee

Thoughtful and personal!

First off, I have to say that I am an interior designer who has designed thousands of square feet for dozens of clients, but I was really stuck when it came to the design of my own home. I needed a direction ASAP! From the moment I met Lorrie, I knew that she was going to give me practical Feng Shui advice that fit in with my personal design style. The first thing she noticed was that I had a lot of water elements in my Earth Gua, which was making my life muddy and slowing things down. This was exactly what I was experiencing in my life. She immediately gave me advice as to how to fix this, and it worked! She thought of things that were so simple that I had never considered, and she assured me that sometimes we are too close to our own space to see the obvious. She is exactly right. Her consultation sparked so many ideas and I have been happily redecorating ever since, and she has even graciously answered my questions along the way when I am not sure of a rug or table I have chosen. My home feels light and airy and I have fallen back in love with it after 14 years. Thank you, Lorrie!

Homeowner and interior designer

Fun, easy to follow, and created immense change!

I reached out to Lorrie after a series of positive changes in my life and career were unfolding—but my home didn’t reflect the direction I was moving and I felt stuck in the same old space and energy from an earlier time in my life.  I knew close to nothing about Feng Shui or interior design but was open to new possibilities.  Lorrie put me at ease during the Feng Shui consultation and empowered me with insight and knowledge for transforming my home into something that truly reflected my personality and goals.

After just one consultation with Lorrie I was surprised to learn that even the simplest of changes— shifting furniture, de-cluttering each room, removing unused or broken items—would impact the overall energy in my home.  I appreciated that this first level of change didn’t require me to purchase anything!  I was so pleased with those initial changes that I made plans to replace a few pieces of old furniture with new and different pieces.  Slowly, over the course of a year, I became confident in my ability to make choices about my home that supported the path I was on.

Working with Lorrie and the Feng Shui principles was fun, easy to follow, and created immense change.  It was just the push I needed – from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to empowered and confident – and I am so grateful to Lorrie for being my guide.

Condominium owner

A treasure!

You are a treasure. Thank you for making my listing shine.



Thanks Lorrie. It was fabulous!!!! Your joy and energy permeated all of us and will help us to create the year we want. Woohoo!

Workshop attendee

THANK YOU!…you are awesome!!

I am SO IMPRESSED with your presentation.  It is wonderful!!!
We are working on everything…but probably with “baby” steps.  In any event, we have new RED lamp shades in the office and “Einstein” looks fabulous in there…So far we have cleaned out 2 closets and the results are amazing!!!  You should see the “hall pantry”…
I could go on and on…this has all been very liberating and we still have tons more work to do…but you have made it all so manageable!!!!  THANK YOU! THANK YOU!…you are awesome!!

Interior designer

You are truly blessing us!

I’m so excited about what you opened up here for me and this church.  The council is excited about the things you’ve suggested.  You are truly blessing us and I am so grateful to you.


Ideas, suggestions, guidance were brilliant!

I’m sitting in my transformed office, which now gives me a perfect view of the Divide! I’ve bought a new comfortable office chair, hung fabric in the north window, cleaned everything including wiping down the light fixtures, and have sung hosannas to my Feng Shui expert! You gave me just the nudge I needed to start clearing out and making my space marvelous. Your ideas, suggestions, guidance were brilliant.  Thank you so much!

Author and national speaker on education

The real change is the work that began to come my way!

I can’t believe how different the space feels to me. That alone would be worth it, but the real change is the work that began to come my way. I closed a deal for a long-term contract within a month of implementing the Feng Shui changes. And another one is in the wings.

Telecommunications Consultant

We are deeply grateful!

Thank you for introducing us to Feng Shui and for your counsel and how to create a great working environment. It has made an enormous difference in the environment and in how we are using the space.  Since your visit, the team has grown by 75% and we have launched a product in the market which is generating great engagement. Your changes to the environment we work in were contributing factors to the progress we made, and we are deeply grateful to you for sharing your expertise with us.

Internet business entrepreneur

Fun, imaginative and informative!

Lorrie was fun, imaginative and informative.  She modified to my needs and I learned a lot.  She has a very nice presentation style – calm but energetic.  Just want more!  Lorrie is great and her passion and commitment on the content is very evident.

Workshop students