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In a software class watching the instructor show us the amazing things at our fingertips,  I realized I had a lot to learn before I was going to be a wizard at this new program.  As an adult I find that I want to jump from A to Z (beginner to expert) without having to stop at B through Y.  The instructor wisely reminded us to take baby steps toward our goal to build on our knowledge. As an adult I’m not so good at baby steps any longer; I want to move forward, and quickly.  Sometimes it feels that’s the only way to keep up.  I thought of my children’s first steps and how I cheered them on no matter how small the step, how short the distance, how quick the stumble.  This, I decided, is how to treat myself in the learning process – to cheer myself on for each step taken, to let the new knowledge take hold by using it and not to rush forward until I was ready.

In the spirit of baby steps, I give you some small ways to practice Feng Shui.  These practices will help you de-clutter and invite fresh energy into your spaces.  Don’t do more than one per day and, don’t forget to cheer for yourself after each step; you are practicing Feng Shui!

  • Sweep your porch and wash your front door.
  • Polish your door hardware.
  • Check all your doormats – are they tattered or dull?  Change them out and note how happy you are when stepping on them before entering your home.
  • Put some fresh flowers or a new plant in your entryway to greet guests (and the fresh chi).
  • Change out your winter accessories – pillows and throws, candles and vases – for your spring colors.
  • Take everything off your kitchen counters, wipe them with a citrus-y cleanser and take a photo of their gleaming, empty surfaces.  Put back only what you think you really need.
  • Look at your artwork and family photos.  Is it time to replace some or move them around?  This simple activity can change the energy of a space.
  • Clean off your bulletin board and clean out your in basket.  Toss those outdated coupons and forgotten invitations.
  • Go through old magazines; clip the articles you want and put them where you’ll find them later.  Recycle or donate them.
  • If you have houseplants, remove dead and yellowed leaves, move them to a new “home” and check to see if they have special needs now.  Even though they’re indoor plants, they know the seasons are changing.

Practicing these “baby steps” will not only move you forward on your Feng Shui learning curve, but will bring positive energy into your spaces!  I’m cheering you on with each step.




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